King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 17

Hank's Dirty Laundry

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Mar 01, 1998 on FOX

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  • Dirty, but GOOOOD!

    One of the best of the season for sure. After the really bad "Traffic Jam" pretty much anything would be good, however, this is legitimately a great episode. It has really funny lines and again, all the characters made me laugh in this episode. Hank's modesty and conservatism is tested in this episode when he is accused of renting and not returning pornography. The way he handles it is very Dale-like, but still not too far of a stretch for his character. I have always wondered why Khan wasn't in this episode. I think he would have a lot to say about it. I also loved, how they played the thing with Bill pretending to be against porn and then it was his tapes that saved the day. Bobby thinking it was his birthday is a great B-Plot as it was somewhat connected but still individual too. Great KOTH episode.
  • Hank's Dirty Laundry is another installment in a series of episodes which succinctly showcase Hank Hill's uptightness and his thirst for moral goodness. His credit report is suddenly pretty bad and soon we'll find out why.

    Hank's Dirty Laundry includes the short appearance of Buckley and his put-offish attitude with Luanne and her family members. Bobby Hill has the wool pulled over his eyes because of his single-minded focus on his up and coming birthday and Hank himself discovers a terrible error on his credit report.


    In this episode, Hank and Peggy pay a visit to the appliance department of the Mega-Lo-Mart. When the salesman offers them a very attractive deal with the store's credit line, they agree to have Hank's credit report checked. When the report comes back with a negative result, Hank goes on a mission to clear his name and good credit.
  • Hank has porno troubles funny.

    This was funny as all of hell man. I like it when in shows people have mistakes with porn or think they are going to hell. That's why I liked this episode, Hank is blasted with smut. 24/7. And it makes people think he is a perv. So in the end he has to watch it, to clear his name.
  • What, I didn't get the ending?!

    Ok in this epsiode we find out Bil is actualy smart and Dale... he knows a lot. The ending to the epsiode was really weird, wait she was 17 when the movie came out and then 18? Well it was fun to watch because Bobby thought it was his birthday, and when Hank received so many adult parafanalia he thought those were his gifts. Like I said, I did not get the ending so I am giving this episode a 8.