King of the Hill

Season 1 Episode 4

Hank's Got the Willies

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 09, 1997 on FOX

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  • Still Solid

    While I would say this is the worst episode of the first four, it is still a great episode. Hank and Bobby's different personalities come to a crashing halt in this episode as Hank worries for his son. One thing I like a lot about this episode is that it shows that as much as Hank may seem to not like his son, he actually really cares for him and worries about him, however he struggles with understanding him. This episode is not as funny as the previous three, however, it has some classic moments, such as the Boomhauer and Bob Dylan conversation. Overall another solid episode!
  • Another fantastic Season 1 episode.


    Season 1 continues with a perfect episode that guest stars Willie Nelson, in this episode, Bobby accidentaly strikes Willie Nelson with a golf club. This episode had some classic moments, like bobby playing the guitar with cheese, what is that chinging noise, carlos, bobby hitting willie nelson, bill's stripper joke, hank saying "santa clause is for babies" and bill says "you're a mean one, Mr. Grinch." and much more. In conclusion, this was a great Season 1 episode that had so many funny moments and will receive a perfect score.


  • A terrific episode and the best that season 1 had to offer


    In this episode, Hank starts to notice Bobby's laziness and lack of ambition, due to Bobby's strange behavior (riding Hank's mower, playing Hank's guitar, hitting dog poop with his five-iron) and not having an apparent hero. When he was around Bobby's age, Hank looked up to country singer Willie Nelson as a hero and he had always dreamed about meeting him one day and having a jam session with him. One day, while golfing with Hank, Bobby's bad gold swing knocks out Willie Nelson, who just happens to be golfing at the same course as the boy and his dad. After overhearing how much Hank was disappointed at the circumstances in which he met his hero, Bobby decided to take matters into his own hands by taking Hank's guitar and having a talk with Willie Nelson himself. Bobby calls Hank from Willie Nelson's and Willie tells Hank that he's throwing a barbecue and that he can bring his family and friends. Hank and his hero finally have their first real meeting and Willie manages to convince him that when Bobby was trying to emulate Hank, the emulation meant Hank was his hero. Hank and Bobby finally reconcile and he is happy that he was finally able to meet Willie Nelson like he always dreamt.

    I just can't say enough about how wonderful I thought this episode was. Willie Nelson delivered a fantastic guest performance and Bobby's childlike behavior in this episode was just darling. While not gag-heavy, there were a few jokes that I particularly liked (Willie thinking Bobby was a boy who raked his yard... with a gold club, Bill suggesting Bobby choose Santa Claus as his hero, and Peggy naming her scrub brush "Carlos"). A touching episode that would definitely make my top-ten.

  • great

    hank notices bobby does not seem to worship anybody and takes him golfing, where he accidentally hits hank's idol, willie nelson. bobby feels tremondous guilt, is there anything he can do so willie and hank will forgive him?

    good episode albeit not one of their better ones. it's kinda weak and it drags on for some of the moments, especially near the end. strong opening and strong first couple acts, but near the end it gets kind of boring for me, so i guess i will say my overall grade would be in the "B" range. Good episode, could've been better
  • Hank's Got the Willies is an episode featuring Willie Nelson as Hank's lifelong hero. Later, we see that Bobby is suffering from a case of hero-worship himself.

    This episode reveals the guitar playing skill of Hank Hill and brings Willie Nelson out of his dreams and into Arlen somehow. Hank's guitar (Betsy) has been a treasure to him all these years and he keeps is off limits to everyone else in the house; he values that guitar as though it were his actual spouse instead of Peg. Willie Nelson interacts with the cast in a very natural sequence outside his country estate and seemingly brings the Hill family together on the cusp of Hank and Peg's biggest fight to date. Bobby shows a great potential here as he confronts not a few tough emotional and tangible issues.
  • Hank wants to find Bobby a role model. Then bobby accidently hurts Hank's role model, Willie Nelson.

    Hank wants to find Bobby a role model. Meanwhile, Peggy is mad that Hank seems to like his guitar, Betsy. Luanne is determined to pass beauty school. Hank takes Bobby to the golf course. On the way, he tells Bobby his role model is Willie Nelson. At the golf course, Bobby accidently throws a golf club and hits Hank's role model, Willie Nelson. Hank is excited to meet his role model and he says he's sorry for Bobby. Hank tells Willie he is his hero, but Willie drives away in a golf cart. Hank goes home and tells Peggy what happened. Bobby gets Hanks guitar Betsy and goes to get Willie Nelson to sign it. He finds Willie and Bobby calls Hank. He tells him he is at Willie's house and he wants Hank to come over. Hank goes to get Bobby and sees Willie playing his guitar. Bobby has had Willie autograph Hank's guitar. The Hills go to Willie's BBQ, and Hank tells Bobby to bring something of Betsy. Peggy hears a joke Hank tells Willie about him selling Peggy before his guitar and gets mad. Willie tells Hank that he is Bobby's hero. Hank thanks Bobby for helping him meet his role model and then Hank plays his guitar and sings about Peggy. Peggy hears him and realizes that Hank likes her more than his guitar. He lets Bobby go practice using his guitar. Luanne does Willie's hair, and she knows she is going to pass beauty school.