King of the Hill

Season 1 Episode 4

Hank's Got the Willies

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 09, 1997 on FOX

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  • Hank wants to find Bobby a role model. Then bobby accidently hurts Hank's role model, Willie Nelson.

    Hank wants to find Bobby a role model. Meanwhile, Peggy is mad that Hank seems to like his guitar, Betsy. Luanne is determined to pass beauty school. Hank takes Bobby to the golf course. On the way, he tells Bobby his role model is Willie Nelson. At the golf course, Bobby accidently throws a golf club and hits Hank's role model, Willie Nelson. Hank is excited to meet his role model and he says he's sorry for Bobby. Hank tells Willie he is his hero, but Willie drives away in a golf cart. Hank goes home and tells Peggy what happened. Bobby gets Hanks guitar Betsy and goes to get Willie Nelson to sign it. He finds Willie and Bobby calls Hank. He tells him he is at Willie's house and he wants Hank to come over. Hank goes to get Bobby and sees Willie playing his guitar. Bobby has had Willie autograph Hank's guitar. The Hills go to Willie's BBQ, and Hank tells Bobby to bring something of Betsy. Peggy hears a joke Hank tells Willie about him selling Peggy before his guitar and gets mad. Willie tells Hank that he is Bobby's hero. Hank thanks Bobby for helping him meet his role model and then Hank plays his guitar and sings about Peggy. Peggy hears him and realizes that Hank likes her more than his guitar. He lets Bobby go practice using his guitar. Luanne does Willie's hair, and she knows she is going to pass beauty school.
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