King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 14

High Anxiety (2)

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 13, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Buck is trying to frame Hank for the murder of Debbie, he uses a hidden tape recorder to try and incriminate Hank. However the tape recordings are not the same, as they don't match up with each other. In the scene he says, "Yes I was angry. Debbie threatened to tell my wife that we had sexual relations". Later on the Sheriff is playing the tape back to Hank and the tape says: "(Small Pause) Debbie threatened to tell my wife that we had sexual relations". The tape doesn't match up on a few things. First the second recording takes a quick second before Hank starts talking despite in the first recording he said "Yes, Yes I was angry. Debbie." and no pauses in between these lines. Secondly Buck says at the end of the first recording "I got all I need" immediately after Hank finishes speaking and then he stops recording. In the second recording after Hank finishes speaking the tape keeps playing but we don't hear Buck speak.

    • Boomhauer does not have any lines in this episode.

    • Tagline: "I said good day, sheriff!" -Bobby

    • At the end of the episode after the murder of Debbie is solved, Buck says he planted the evidence to try and frame Hank. Whether Buck had murdered Debbie or not, he still should have been arrested for tampering with evidence.

  • Quotes

    • Sherrif: (seeing Peyton leave the Get In-Get Out) Hey, Peyton. Are you sure there aren't any candy bars you haven't questioned in there? You might want to question the Three Musketeers separately, I'm sure one of them's bound to crack.
      Ranger Peyton: That's very funny, I bet they really miss you on 'Heehaw'

    • (Bobby finds out that Hank did drugs)
      Bobby: You know, if I did something like this you'd punish me. I think I should punish you.
      Hank: Okay, what's my punishment son? Am I grounded?
      Bobby: Too easy. You cannot mow the lawn for one whole week.
      Hank: Aw c'mon Bobby, it was a accident.
      Bobby: You want to make it two?

    • Sheriff: So, let me get this straight. Debbie was Mr. Strickland's mistress and her murdered body was found at the same place where Mr. Strickland and his wife just got done reconciliating their differences?
      Peggy: Uh-huh. My husband, Hank, set that up. Well, the reconciliation, not the murder.

    • (Hank visits Arlen High to ask their drug awareness counselor some questions)
      Hank: So someone could take dope, black out in a field, and kill a co-worker?
      Counselor: Co-worker, cabdriver, prostitute - doesn't matter who.

    • Hank: Oh no, my eyes are going bloodshot! I'm going on a trip - I look like I'm doped out of my gourd!

    • Kahn: (To Hank) Hey, Charlie Manson! Could you autograph this Sugarfoot's napkin I pull out of dumpster? If you murderer, I auction it on Ebay for big bucks!

    • Sheriff: (to Ranger Payton, who is leaving convenience store) Leaving the Get In Get Out so soon, Payton? I'm sure there's some candy bars you haven't questioned. You better take them Three Musketeers into separate rooms, maybe one of them will crack.
      Ranger Payton: That's a good one, Sheriff! How'd Hee Haw ever let you get away?

    • Dale: They'll drug test everyone in Arlen! The price for a bag of clean urine will double.
      Bill: What do you think will happen to the price of poo poo?
      Dale: Unchanged.

  • Notes

    • On Adult Swim, this episode was initially rated TV-14 for references to marijuana and references to suicide. Though most cable guides give this episode a TV-PG rating for suggestive dialogue (D) and violence (V), one airing accidentally gave this episode a TV-MA rating. In Australia and New Zealand, this episode was given an M rating due to content involving drugs, guns, and accidental death.

  • Allusions

    • Hee Haw was a variety show that ran from 69-92.

    • Gene Roddenberry is the creator of Star Trek.

    • The episode title alludes to the 1977 Mel Brooks film High Anxiety which deals with a new boss being framed for murder as Hank Hill is framed in this storyline. The Brooks' film title in turn was a spoof of the classic Alfred Hitchcock's film Vertigo. Hank unintentionally "gets high" and has extra reasons for his anxiety.

    • Peggy: (to the Ranger Payton) I love your show! I love that Walker!!

      Walker, Texas Ranger was a popular 90's tv show starring Chuck Norris as a crime-fighting Ranger.

    • When Hank is talking to the school counselor about drugs, we can see see a poster in the background saying Friends Don't Let Friends Do Drugs with a picture of the cast from the popular sitcom Friends.

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