King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Oct 26, 1997 on FOX

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  • Hillarious!

    This episode is great. While it doesn't have a ton of laughs it is still one of my favourites. It is really entertaining and shows a new side of Hank. It is a good touch on how some Christians can be with things such as Halloween. I do not like it myself, but not because it is about the devil. This episode does a good job of bringing laughs to something that is very true when it comes to varying opinions. Best part has to be with Dale freaking out and in the council meeting!
  • Happy

    That Junie Harper was such a... ugh! I hated her sooooo much. So happy that she doesn't get her own way.

    This episode is a very good one that I like to watch every Halloween {and of course, on my DVD player}. It is a pretty funny episode with an interesting theme.

    But at times Junie Harper was such a witch. I know that was the point, and I am not trying to say I hated it, I liked the way it ended, with her not getting her way.

    Overall, a good Halloween episode. Not unlike others that tries hard to be scary, this didn't. A special Halloween episode
  • Junie Harper, a conservative Christian, manages to brainwash Luanne into thinking that Halloween is a Satanist holiday. Not only does she manage to close down Hank's haunted house, but she also brainwashes Bobby into thinking his father is a Satanist.

    I thought that this was a really good Halloween episode. I liked how it dealt with the controversy of Christians claiming that Halloween is a Satanist holiday.

    Though, I absolutely hate the character, Junie Harper. I do not mean to offend anyone (in fact, I'm a Catholic), but she is everything I don't like about religion. I understand that she wants religion in her life, but she over did it. She's so high and mighty that she criticizes the Hills for not being Christian (I actually appluad Peggy for telling her and Luanne off). During her Hallujuah house scene, I found her to be even more annoying, brainwashing children.

    Overall, I thought the episode was great, but I do not want to see Junie Harper again anytime soon.
  • It was a good showing.

    This episode was really entertaining as I thought that it was really funny and it had a good story. Usually I am not a big fan of Luanne, but I thought she was good in this episode. Her stupidity was funny as she is always is that way. I actually think she had some potential to be a comic buster after seeing her in this episode, but I was wrong. I also thought that Bobby and Hank were really good in this show. I enjoyed watching them get in trouble for pulling a prank on someone. It isn't like Hank to do such a thing, but he broke out of his shell in this one. Thank you.
  • A local religious nut tries to ruin Halloween for everyone, but Hank saves the day by showing people that even a grown man can trick-or-treat for a good cause.

    In this episode, we get a further idea of Hank's own brand of conservatism- Texan practicality. He has an endearing uncomfortability about sex and toilet activities. He has a love for Texas that knows no bounds, to the point that his dog is named after Lyndon B. Johnson's wife. He never wastes money. He thinks that Dale's far-right notions are going way too far. And in Hilloween, we learn that he likes good, old-fashioned fun, and though his family is religious enough, they are not silly with it. Also, I think this episode shows that Hank is not afraid to be the first to speak out when something is just ridiculous.
  • Someone at the church is giving the Hills a run for their money at this special time of year. Luanne is the weakest link and somehow gets tricked into believing the church harper.

    Hank Hill teaches his family that Halloween is just for fun and gets hired to set up the haunted house at Bobby's school. The church busybody wants to step in and put a stop to the fun; she recruits Luanne and most of the neighborhood children. When she attempts to recruit Hank's only son, she's gone too far.


    Junie Harper has found a way to brainwash Luanne into believing that Halloween celebrants are all going to hell. She also filled her with the idea that she's holier than Hank. The episode follows Hank and the guys as they get ousted from building the schools haunted house; Junie had it shut down and the project moves to the Hill's garage. Luanne now tells Bobby that Hank is a satanist and recruits him into the ranks of Junie Harper. Hank shows up in the nick of time and save the day in his own common sense way. Tune in for a feel good conclusion.
  • I think that mrs. Harper had no right to try to shut Hanks hunted house down.

    Kids don't think of halloween as a satanic holiday but it is a joyful day were they can dress like freaks or somthing scary to get free candy and i like the way Hank handeled the situation and got everyone outside and trick or treating. even by dressing up in that old devil; costume that he wore as a little kid.