King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 4


Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Oct 26, 1997 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Hank and Bobby throw toilet paper over Junie Harper's tree, Hank is only able to throw one roll over the tree and after Bobby knocks over the birdhouse they have to run away. The next morning when Hank is driving Bobby they look over to see Junie Harper trying to get the toilet paper out of the trees, but there is now a lot more than just one roll.

    • Tagline: "Dang ol' boo, man!" -Young Boomhauer

    • Junie lives on Hank's street as Hank sees her house across the street when at Dale's, and yet Luanne drives Bobby to her house later on. Also when doing the "Trick or Treat" march they walk a long time before reaching her house.

    • After Junie puts the picture of the witch back in her Bible it disappears when the shot changes.

    • After Luanne joins Hank and the gang to protest against the curfew, none of their mouths are moving when they are saying "Trick Or Treat".

  • Quotes

    • Bill (With a sheet over his head): Here comes a ghost! (The sheet rips and he makes into a toga robe) Toga!

    • Junie Harper: "The complacency of fools will destroy them." Proverbs.
      Hank: Get out of my house! Uh, Exodus.

    • Luanne: Junie Harper says a haunted house is the devil's mousetrap, and fun is the cheese.
      Hank: Luanne, just when I think you've said the stupidest thing ever, you keep talking.

    • Junie Harper: you see what I'm saying?
      Luanne: Well, I don't know.
      Junie Harper: Satan be gone! Now do you see?
      Luanne: Yes.

    • Luanne: Trick or Treat! Smell my feet! Give me something(starts crying) good to eaaat!

    • Dale: The vandalism upon my house can only be described as a hate crime! Somebody hates me!
      Councilman: (looking very bored) Let the record show that somebody hates Dale Gribble.

    • Hank:(referring to her stance on Halloween) Last time I looked, it wasn't Junie Harper's face in the stained glass window at Arlen First Methodist.

  • Notes

    • We learn that the Hills are Methodists and that their church is Arlen First Methodist.

    • This is the first time we see Bobby's room in season two. Apparently they painted it. It is now blue with green and purple squares/triangles, as suppose to the plain white wall in season one. It stays this way for the remainder of the series.

    • Overly zealous Junie Harper claims Halloween to be a religious holiday to impede a haunted house at the local school. She refers Hank Hill to the Constitution for 'Separation of Church and State' which is not from the Constitution nor the First Amendment. 'Separation of Church and State' is actually credited to the philosophies of John Locke and the term itself is traced to a letter from Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists in 1802. A second reference is made latter in the episode by Peggy Hill mocking the comment by Junie Harper saying "There is no such thing as 'Separation of Church and garage.'"

  • Allusions

    • The argument between Junie Harper and Hank while they are in the angel and devil costume respectively with Bobby in the middle seems to resemble the cartoonish depiction of a conscience.

    • During Hank's flashback of when he was trick or treating as a kid, the music playing is the famous piano music from the Charlie Brown specials.

    • Hank (looking at Halloween masks): Elmo? Aladdin? Jenny McCarthy? I don't even know what these things are.

      Elmo is a red Sesame Street muppet. The Aladdin mask is probably based on Disney's series of animated Aladdin movies. Jenny McCarthy is an actress who used to host the MTV dating show Singled Out.

    • When Dale is watching TV before his house gets hit with toilet paper and eggs, you can hear the Sanford and Son theme. This is probably further alluding to the fact that guest voice actor Dennis Burkley co-starred with Redd Foxx in the short-lived sequel series Sanford.

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