King of the Hill

Season 5 Episode 13

Ho Yeah!

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 25, 2001 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • In this episode Peggy says she is allergic to cats, however, according to "The Arrowhead",  the Hills used to own a cat. Peggy mentions that Bobby knows "his cat didn't run away". Allergies can come and go, but this is most likely an oversight by the writers.

    • Tagline: "Alabaster!" -Hank

    • As Cotton is trying to guess where he has seen Tammy before, you can see Tammy has one wristband on her right hand. In the next shot she now has two wristbands on that hand. After this shot it returns back to just one wristband.

    • When Peggy and Hank are looking the mirror, as Peggy says "We look like a couple of movie stars", her hair is its normal reddish-brown color, but her reflection in the mirror has lighter, more dull brown hair.

    • When Peggy & Hank are talking about Tammy whilst in bed, there is an outside shot of the house with light streaming out of one of the windows (the master bedroom). Yet when we see Peggy & Hank inside their room the blind for that window is down, making it impossible for the light to stream out of the window like it does.

    • When Allabaster is chasing Hank in his car, he loses the front left hubcap from his car. Just as they go over the speed bump if you look at Allabaster's car when it is in the air for a brief second you can see the hubcap is back on the tyre (more visible in slow motion). Later we see the tyre again and the hubcap is off for the rest of the scene.

    • When Peggy, Hank, and Tammy are in the car and Peggy says "We all make mistakes", her lipstick is a duller, orange shade, then it goes back to being red.

    • No matter how much of a rush Hank was in to help Tammi, no way he would have parked that car in the middle of a cross-walk, as it's illegal. He even is appalled when Alabaster runs a red later in the episode, which shows even in a serious situation he wouldn't break the law.

    • Tammi gives Hank money and says it's $50, however she only gives him 2 bills, both which are $20. That's only $40.

    • The version of the theme song with the cowbells and "yee hoo" are used again in this episode.

    • A funky version of the theme is played over the ending credits.

    • Tammi claims that she's "almost finished Congo," and that she's "up to the part where they shoot the super-monkies with the raygun." However, there are no "rayguns" in the novel Congo - this was a plot device featured only in the movie.

  • Quotes

    • Hank: From now on the only woman I'm pimping on is Sweet Lady Propane. And I'm tricking her out all over this town.

    • Hank: Get outta that Jalopy and let's talk some bui'ness!

    • Tammi: Hank, don't! Alabaster's a little guy, but he'll mess you up.
      Hank: No offense, but he's from Oklahoma.

    • Alabaster: Miss Tammi Duvall works for me. I am her manager.
      Hank: Well, now she works for me. I'm her manager. Technically assistant manager.

    • Cotton: I hope you cleaned the bed-liner in your truck. I don't want no dirt on Hitler's canoe!

    • Dale: That Tammi's quite a dish. Frankly, though, I think Nancy has a nicer can. Hank, do you think Nancy has a nicer can than Tammi's can? Huh? My wife's can vis-a-vis your wife's friend's can?

    • Peggy: If Helen Keller can graduate from college, you can certainly get your GED.

    • Tammi: My mama and I haven't talked since I dropped out of school. Or maybe it was since I totalled her 'Vette.
      Peggy: Your mother drove a Corvette?
      Tammi: Chevette.

    • Peggy: The thai was Tammy's idea, the notion of taking it out was mine.
      Luanne: You know, someday I'd like to travel to Thairabia and see those pyramids.

    • Tammy: I'm pretty sure I'd remember somebody like you.
      Cotton: Don't be too sure, sweetcheeks! I been known to give a girl amneezy!

    • (After realizing that Tammy is a hooker)
      Hank: Son of a... Bwaaahhh!!!!!!!!

    • Hank: That new girl Buck hired, well, long story short, she's as dumb as a charcoal briquette.

    • Peggy: (n her short short dress) Don't we look like a couple of movie stars?

    • Hank: I am the mack daddy of Heimlich County, yo!

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