King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 1

How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Sep 21, 1997 on FOX

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  • Shoot

    The first half was pretty boring, and my bias towards not liking guns doesn't help in this episode. Once they get over that hump and focus on the relationship part, I am fine with the episode. The psychologist really made this episode. Probably would have been way worse without his character. Best part has to be when Hank shoots off the thumb and the thumbless guy gets upset. I liked seeing Hank struggle to admit his fears as it is a very masculine thing to do, sadly. Overall it was a nice episode, but not very funny, and at times boring.
  • good

    bobby discovers a talent for shooting targets and hank couldn't be happier. however hank soon learns he himself can't fire real well and he decides to not spend anymore time doing it with bobby. will they rekindle their father/son bonding?

    good opener to the second season and an overall good episode. it is a little boring in parts but not too boring or anything. not really that funny but i did like the plot, even though some of it was rather boring, so i guess my overall grade for this episode would have to be somewhere in the "B" range
  • A solid piece of work.

    This was more of an episode of the sentimental ilk. I enjoyed watching Bobby and Hank actually try to find something in common rather than to stink eye each other. I have to admit that this was an episode that was more story solid than funny. It had a few funny moments but the writing is what made this episode really worth watching. Bobby was the star of the show, but Hank was a good supporting actor in this one. I didn't think Bobby had a talent for anything, but I guess he's good at shooting targets. Overall, it made for a great episode. Thank you.
  • The title reminds me of a guidebook but also demonstrates the strength of family.

    I remember first watching this episode back when I was learning much about guns and firing guns. I actually learned some of the vital imformation from what Bobby reviewed. This was a great episode that truly dived into the estranged relationship between Bobby Hill and his father Hank with the one thing that could heal their bond: guns and the father-son shooting contest. Priceless quote form the episode: When Bobby asks if he can put a gun rack on his bike, Hank responds, "Do you know how long I've been waiting for you to ask me that?"

    I also couldn't help but feel sorry for Hank seeing as how he had to put up with the aggresive hate coming from his father Cotton (though Cotton is sometimes one of the funniest characters on the show) and how he was, in a sense, saved by his son. That was good.
  • Hank and Bobby really have nothing in common and this episode brings this to light more than ever. Hank loves his son, even though he never says it, and he wants to find something they can do together.

    This episode starts out at the Texas State Fair and the Hill Family is out for fun. We watch as Bobby makes his way through all the games of chance until he finds one that really suites his natural talent; he's a really good shot with a rifle.


    Hank has a secret; it's one of those childhood horror stories about being raised by evil old Cotton Hill. Cotton is shown in a flashback, heckling and verbally assaulting an abviously Pre-K Hank as he tries learn to shoot a rifle. Cotton says he'll NEVER be a war hero if he continues this bad performance; Hank has never gotten over the trauma of being yelled at and not being able to hold the gun steady. Another flashback shows Cotton singling Hank out in front of his boyscout troop at another youthful rifle shoot. Later in the episode, a sports psychologist first watches then approaches Hank about his obvious problem on the shooting range, and none too soon; Bobby has signed them up for a Father-Son Fun Shooting competition. When Hand confesses this weakness to Peggy, she seems really devastated by this revelation; she based her relationship with Hank partly on the basis that he's a gun enthusiast. Tune in for a laugh-a-thon.
  • A classic episode to kick off the second season!

    An enjoyable start to the second season with Hank & Bobby going shooting! To add to this one of my favourite actress’ guest stars - Angela Kinsey!

    Some great lines in this about guns being the meaning of life, guns keeping families together and in general just guns been great! Very controversial episode due to this - but enjoyable all the same!

    A great quote by Dale in this episode:

    Hank: Dale, the NRA is a Washington DC Based operation - you telling me you support something from Washington DC???
    Dale: That’s a thinker?

    Makes me laugh every time I hear it!

    All-in-all a great episode to start the season! Although I would have liked some more air time for Angela Kinsey…