King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 6

Husky Bobby

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 09, 1997 on FOX

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  • Fatastic!

    Amazing episode. So many funny parts, but I think my favourite is when Luanne has her hair stuck in the door. I laugh so hard every time. It is an interesting episode as it makes you think about how much you allow your child to follow their dream, and how much you try to protect them from being hurt. While Hank may have seemed right, I am sure many people would still have said they should have let Bobby do it and learn the hard way. But enough philosophy I think this is a great plot, with funny line after funny line. One of the best of the series and of Season 2 for sure. One of those episodes I can watch over and over and it still makes me laugh.
  • Husky Bobby shows us something new about Hank and Peggy. They are completely unaware of Bobby's obesity and must now take him to a plus size store with surprising results.

    The Hills are out on a shopping trip and Bobby can't seem to fit that same old stuff anymore. The store clerk gives them some advise on how to find his "husky" size elsewhere and Bobby gets immediately noticed at the new plus-size store. The store owner (to Hanks dismay)wants to put Bobby Hill into a newspaper ad for husky children's clothes; of course Bobby laps up the attention.


    So Bobby Hill goes to the photo shoot along with his cousin Luanne as the driver; though Hank didn't actually give his permission. Bobby rushes home to show his father the photos slated for the next day's newspaper advertisement and Hank flips his lid. He phones the store owner angrily and gives him a piece of his mind. Bobby ends up making a good bit of pocket cash out of this job and even gets invited to a real live fashion show to model on the catwalk in the mall. Tune in for the full story.
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