King of the Hill

Season 7 Episode 18

I Never Promised You an Organic Garden

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 13, 2003 on FOX

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  • Peggy Peggy, Oh How Your Garden Fails.

    This was a decent episode with some pretty funny moments. There was nothing about this episode that stood out, and if one were to skip it, they wouldn't miss much, but if you do watch it, at least you won't be completely bored. Considering the plot (both of them really) were gardening themed, they did find a way to make it at least enjoyable to sit through. And as I've mentioned before, it's always nice to see Hank and Bobby bond and to have Hank feel pride about his son. The B Plot was just OK. It too had some funny moments, but also, had nothing that stood out. Overall just an average episode.
  • Not bad.

    This was an okay episode that had some good comedy that made it better. The storyline of the show was unique, but it was also very slow and predictable. I think that I lost interest when the kids started to have trouble growing food because of the bugs. I wish that they would have made the kids successful throughout the netire show instead of spending a big chunk of the time creating problems. The comedy was decent, the storyline was okay, the writing was average, and the plots were just borderline okay. Overall, it was a decent episode, but not very good. Thank you.
  • Peggy tries, and fails, to make an organic garden.

    This episode is another episode where Peggy tries to do something that she lacking any talent or skill. Just like her Spanish, she is lousy gardening. However, her ego prevents her from stopping. Hank tries to help, and manages to save the garden. Peggy, however, ruins it with her aforementioned lack of skill and talent. As a side story, Hank's friends are trying to help via collecting bat poop. It is forgettable, boring, and predictable. At the end, the garden is shut down and Peggy learns a lesson about honesty. This entire episode adds nothing to the allover plot line.