King of the Hill

Season 6 Episode 8

Joust Like a Woman

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 24, 2002 on FOX
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Hank is trying to land a big account at a Renaissance Fair. Peggy offers to help by saying she'll work there in exchange for the King considering using the propane. When she is assigned to be a house cleaning winch, she has a hard time staying in character, and behaving inferior to the men. When she tries to approach the King, he dismisses her, which starts a war that Peggy needs to win.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Ye Need Not See This One

    While I do agree that this is one of the worst episodes of KOTH, I will not give it a 1, as it isn't that bad, and is still, in my opinion not the worst one of the series (I still think Traffic Jam is). This episode has very little humour, a silly plot and not surprising, centred around Peggy. While I believe what Peggy was doing was more about the personal lives of the actors, not trying to change history as the other reviewers suggest, there is some of that as her motivation. It was nice to see Luanne back, but she didn't add much. Probably the best part was the Dale scenes. I do agree that when I first saw this I thought it was horrible, but I've seen this one a few times now, and I like it more then I did initially. However, it is still one of the worst of the series.moreless
  • Rarely does King of the Hill put out a bad episode. This, however, is an exception...seeing Hank Hill in tights is a definite turn-off!

    When I watched this turkey, I could not stand the thought of seeing Hank put on a Robin Hood-type outfit for a Renaissance Faire that was to be staged in his hometown of Arlen. When this episode aired on Adult Swim Super Bowl night, I was glad I had the DVR programmed to record "Forrest Gump" on sister channel TNT instead. "Joust Like A Woman" is easily the worst KOTH episode ever produced. I could not stomach it for one second--it ranks alongside The Simpsons' "Homer Simpson in 'Kidney Trouble'" as being among the least memorable TV shows in history. If there is a TV Hall of Shame, these two episodes belong there.moreless
  • Why should I even bother reviewing this mess? To save 20 minutes from anyone from watching it.

    There really isn't much to say, other that this episode was just crappy. It has lifeless jokes, pacing that will leave you wanting to see what happens next, which really isn't good, and it made no sense at all. Peggy is suppose to work like it's 1590, not 2006 or 2002 when this episode was made, so why did she start a rebellion? To fight for women's rights? She can't even follow a simple timeline at a historically accurate faire, so is she rewriting history? It made no sense with a predictable ending that anyone will get. Some amusing parts (Bobby can't wear tights, Hank's line: I'm going to kick your ass, Hank's friends being annnoying and Hank being scared of riding a horse) is not even enough, and falls flat, except for Hank's funny line. And women couldn't vote or have rights until 1921. I truly hate her and she deserved to have tomatoes being thrown at her face. Overall, worst season 6 episode ever. And I dare you to watch it.moreless
Mike Judge

Mike Judge

Voice of Hank Hill, Boomhauer, Stuart Dooley

Kathy Najimy

Kathy Najimy

Voice of Peggy Hill

Pamela Adlon

Pamela Adlon

Voice of Bobby Hill

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy

Voice of Joseph Gribble (seasons 1-4), Luanne Platter

Johnny Hardwick

Johnny Hardwick

Voice of Dale Gribble

Stephen Root

Stephen Root

Voice of Bill Dauterive, Buck Strickland

Laura Dern

Laura Dern

Serving Wench

Guest Star

Alan Rickman

Alan Rickman

King Philip

Guest Star

David Herman

David Herman

Ticket Taker

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • Tagline: "How now, gas man." -King Philip

    • After Peggy throws the tomato at King Philip you see it lands on the badge on his jacket. Most of the tomato lands about the top of his badge and seems to set on the top part. A few scenes later when Peggy is being put in the stocks for punishment you see Philip again and the stain has moved down the badge. Most notably the tomato stain looks larger and a large chunk of it has moved below the badge onto the shirt.

    • After Peggy has knocked King Philip off his horse at the end you can the sun is setting behind her, when it goes to a reaction shot of Bobby and Luanne in the stands, it is a blue sky and sunny behind them. The following shot of Peggy it goes back to the sun setting. The mistake could be said to be deliberate as the shot was used earlier in the scene and probably used again to save time and money than re-animating the exact same shot.

  • QUOTES (12)

    • Peggy: Why don't you drop the act, and you explain to me why the wenches make seventy cents on the dollar, and the village idiot gets full dental?

    • Mr. Strickland: I got a lead on a new client so big, it'll put all my bastard sons through college.

    • King Philip: Ah, so you are the keeper of the flame?
      Hank: Uh... assistant keeper of the flame.

    • King Philip: We wage war on France on the morrow!
      Kid: That is so gay.

    • Peggy: In the future, they will invent a magical sucking device, to free women from household drudgery!

    • King Philip: How now, gas man?
      Hank: Uh, pretty good, thanks. My wife Peggy is ready to serve the kingdom.
      Peggy: I am a Renaissance woman. This is a Renaissance Faire. We are a perfect fit!

    • Hank: Got-dang it! That's my third pair of these got-dang tights today!
      Bobby: Least you get to wear tights.

    • Dale: The Prime Directive has been breached! Women's Liberation has happened too soon! I must warn the future!
      Bill: Take me with you! I hate it here.

    • King Philip: Crap, I'm gonna lose my fair! I don't wanna go back to sellin' real estate!

    • Dale: (dressed in a "Star Trek" uniform at the Renaissance fair admission booth) It says right here, 'One dollar discount with period costume'. Well, I'm from the future, and the future is a period, ergo, this is a period costume! Period!

    • Hank: (handing Luanne money for her and Bobby to spend at the Renaissance fair) I'm putting you in charge of the spending money. Spend it any way you want with three rules: No tights, tassels, or skirts on the boy. Oh, and no bells.

    • Hank: Oh, I'm a jackass.
      Kahn: Stop stating the obvious.

  • NOTES (0)


    • Dale: The Prime Directive has been breached! An allusion to the fictional Star Trek universe's Temporal Prime Directive (forbidding time travelers to interfere in any other timeline) although he's stating the more general Prime Directive (Starfleet General Order 1) against interference in the culture, social or technical development of (usually more primitive) civilizations encountered in the same timeline.

    • Episode Title: Joust Like a Woman

      This episode's title is a play on the famous Bob Dylan song "Just Like a Woman."