King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 20

Junkie Business

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 26, 1998 on FOX

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  • OD'd on Laughs

    This is one of the best episodes in the whole series. I love it so much. Dale is particularly funny in this episode, and shows why he is arguably the best character. I liked how everyone tried using the disability thing to get out of working. It was a nice touch, and probably not too far off of the truth. I know it was done for comedy, but Hank could have fired him, not based on the fact that he WAS a drug user, but that he was using illegal drugs while on the job. But then the whole thing wouldn't have happened. The Peggy story was funny, but got a bit old, and just shows how annoying her character can be. Overall a very funny episode though.
  • Junkie Business shows how gullible a person can be when they're not exactly street-smart. Hank unintentionally hires a drug addict when Mr Strickland gives him full reign over the hiring aspect of the business.

    Junkie Business starts out in Buck Strickland's "back office" and shows how valuable, sturdy and loyal Hank Hill has been throughout his venerable history at Strickland Propane. Hank needs to interview a few folks to fill a position at the office, he must choose between a beautiful and qualified woman and a young man who seems to really respect the Cowboys and propane. Of course, because he's so uptight, he hires the young man instead of the very qualified siren. Right off, the newly hired associate shows his true colors; he shows up to work on his first full day extremely tardy, drunk and full of tall tales about how his lateness is not his fault.