King of the Hill

Season 14 Episode 4

Just Another Manic Kahn-Day

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 07, 2010 on FOX

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  • You Can Call it Interesting, But You Can't Call It Funny

    This is the last, last episode of KOTH (not the series finale, just final one to air). Not as good as the real finale, but it is still decent. It was a well written episode, and an interesting plot. It was fun to see Kahn and Hank working together, which they have done before, but not often. It was really the funny however, and at points seemed boring. The B Plot was kind of stupid, although it was interesting to see Bobby not understand comedy (I didn't either Bobby, so it's OK). Overall it is a good episode, but not great. So long KOTH. You shall live on through re-runs and DVDs etc.
  • Not very funny, but well put together.

    Now KotH isn't always meant to be funny, but still this episode was satisfying. I like how Hank tried to get along with Kahn, but Kahn get's drugged up. The episode was well developed and satisfying.
  • Khan-da wish for more like these

    I admit was never a fan of KotH when it originally aired, granted I could watch a few episodes with interest and now after having the reruns grow on me I can find myself enjoying it a little bit more. It was one of those shows that seemed a little ahead of its time at the time but something that's pretty good in retrospect. Personally I compare it to a lasagna, freshly made is good, but the day after once all of the flavors have mixed and settled in, soaking into each and every inch it's great.

    But even someone who wasn't a big fan of the show could tell when things started going south in the later seasons with a few good diamonds and some good character development.

    KotH had been running for years and episodes focusing on the Souphanousinphone family are few but at times a real treat and insight onto this family especially with Khan and Minh. This was one of those episodes that I wished happened earlier in the seasons but am glad it happened when it did to give some good points following a rather humdrum season.

    Minh is going out of town and asks the Hills to check in on Khan, Hank would rather not but finds a use for Khan's skills when he wants to make a tricked out grill for a Grilltravaganza type event (rather than have another bikini car wash). While in a line to get Khan's medication Hank without knowing what the medication is for convinces Khan that he doesn't need to take it spouting how people are being turned into pill poppers over nothing (an act that I would expect more from Dale than Hank) and the prescription is thrown away.

    From there there's a notably difference in Khan's behavior, he's friendlier and more energetic to which Hank is happy for especially if it means the grill will be built. But sadly the new energetic Khan can not focus jumping from one thing onto the other, playing around, and adding more features to the grill leaving Hank stressed since they have only a week to get it built.

    Hank soon sees Khan seriously depressed and verbally beating himself up to which Hank doesn't help when he gives one of those 'inspiring pep talks' that involves yelling and insults. This borders on the line of funny for how ignorant the gang are about handling depression and disturbing granted that is the last thing you'd want to see done to someone who is depressed.

    The gang figures out that Khan is a manic depressant and they need to fix this quickly via the suggestion of Dale to get some illegal drugs from Mexico. With the pills in hand Hank is about to right his wrong for all the wrong reasons when he sees that Khan is out of his depression and is manic again.

    Here is where the well jerkier side of Hank that's been appearing in later seasons pops up and rather than give Khan his pills he wants to keep Khan in his manic state so that his grill will be completed. Hank actually purposely and happily withholds Khan's medication just for his own selfish gains without a thought towards Khan's well-being.

    It isn't until Peggy finds the pills and confronts Hank that he admits to 'accidentally' getting Khan off his meds and admits to his own selfishness and wrong doing even if it is towards Khan who has proven to be a pain but ultimately a good guy which seems like a twisted mirror of Hank. Hank's final willingness to sacrifice completing the grill for Khan's health seems empty like a child whose mother is forcing them to apologize but ultimately he gives Khan the meds.

    In the end before Khan evens out he has another manic day in which he completes the grill just in time and the event is a smash thanks to Khan's ideas. Sadly Hank doesn't really apologize for his actions in this even though he is in the wrong, what more how weird it is that in an earlier episode it appears that Peggy knows of Khan's condition but doesn't share this or notice anything or point out what a monster her husband is for having willingly done this to another human being.

    This was one of those good episodes because we got to see a bit more into the lives of one of the other characters. We got to see Khan as someone other than a suck up to Ted or seeing him work so hard to be a success and have the best in life to brag about, like a man keeping up with the Jones only the Jones aren't there to keep up with. Khan is a far more complicated character than what he first appeared to be in the beginning. The only thing I disliked was that thing with Hank.

    A subplot involved Bobby trying to understand why a joke off a comedy album is funny, he goes to all of the adults who laughs at it but it seems as if even they don't know what exactly makes it funny. This is one of those episodes that didn't need the subplot which came to a resolution a bit early as it seems that even the writers noticed it and realized that it was something that could run thin as quickly as the joke itself. The only thing I enjoyed about it was how this same joke was addressed in the Simpsons allowing me to have a little geek moment for how the two shows ties together.