King of the Hill

Season 1 Episode 10

Keeping Up With Our Joneses

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 27, 1997 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When at the smoker's meeting, Peggy looks in the wrong direction when asked to look left and right. This may be done on purpose however.

    • When Luanne comes in the kitchen after setting up Ladybird, there is a wide shot and the make-up is now gone.

    • In the scene where Hank forces Bobby to smoke, the ash try and placement of the cigarette boxes keep moving. Also the amount of cigarettes in the ash tray changes a couple of times (not including the part where it is SUPPOSE to be increasing).

    • The label maker clearly has a label on it (there is a red rectangle) but then Hank goes and puts a label on it.

    • During the scene at breakfast at the Hill's kitchen, Hank puts down his fork, but as soon as he puts it down, the fork disappears.

    • During the credits, Boomhauer gives a demonstration on how lungs look when people smoke using a dirty oil filter.

    • During the storm when the cigarette flies into the jail cell, the prisoners on the left are both sleeping on the same bunk.

    • Right after the outside shot of "Smokey's" cuts to the shot of the inside, on the bottom right of the screen the menu says "Smoky's", and after the waitress picks it up, the next one has it spelled correctly as "Smokey's"

    • When Hank empties the 200 pack that is 10 packs of 20. A lot more than 10 fall out.

  • Quotes

    • (Joseph and Bobby have locked themselves in the bathroom at the gas station to smoke a found cigarette)
      Hank: (knocking, then trying to pull the door while Joseph and Bobby hold the knob) Someone in there? Is this John occupied? Es esta Juan ocupado?

    • (Ending Credit's PSA)
      Boomhauer: Y'all listen up, man. This is Boomhauer (holds up a clean filter). This is your lungs on air. (holds up a dirty filter) This is your lungs on smoke. See the difference, man? It's going to stunt your growth all over, end up in that dang ol' hospital bed like Morton Downey, Jr. Or dang ol' Robert Downey, Jr. Even worse, man, yo. Talking about oral gratification all that dang it, is going to give you a low sperm count, man give you ear hair. It just ain't... ain't no good.

    • Peggy: Look at us-- at each other's throats. And after all we've been through. This family has survived fires and twisters and every strain of flu the orient could throw at us. Well, we are not going to be done in by a lousy tobacco leaf.

    • Luanne: Here's to three of the bravest individuals in all of Arlen. To the Hills and their tobacco-free future!
      Hank: My G-d, are you still talking?
      Bobby: Why's my potato got skin on it? I hate skin!
      Peggy: I will not sit here and have my work insulted. do you think the potatoes just fly into the bowl and mash themselves?!?!?!
      Luanne: I know y'all don't mean none of those harsh words. It's just the nicotine withdrawal.
      Hank: Why is she still talking?

    • (the Hills have all recently smoked, but are trying to hide it via code)
      Peggy: Hank, there is a 'tile' in the bathroom that I think we missed.
      Hank: Really? I better check that out. Heh-heh-heh (goes to the bathroom, takes a puff, and returns to the kitchen). Well, I found the 'tile', thank you very much, Peggy, and I looked at it, but there's still some more ...'tile' for you to look at.
      Peggy: You know, I think I will save the rest of my 'tile' for after breakfast.
      Bobby (annoyed): Will you stop talking about your stupid tile?!?! If it's so dirty, go clean it and if it's clean, you can shut up!

    • Hank: That is not how to inhale, Bobby. You're hot-boxing it. You got to inhale slow (inhaling slowly, then exhaling). You see? S-sloow, like that.
      Bobby (coughs): Okay.
      Hank: Let me show you one more time. No two ways about it smoking is a filthy, disgusting habit.
      Bobby (inhaling and then exhales): How come you smoked?
      Hank: Well, it wasn't as bad for you back then.

    • (Hank, Luanne and Bobby find Peggy hiding in the closet with a cigarette)
      Peggy: Close the damn door, can't you see that I am knitting?

    • Luanne: I cannot believe you're all smoking! Don't you know more people
      die of smoking than die of... war... in Vietnam... every day?

    • Hank: All right, 'Joe Camel'. You wanna go smoke? Let's go smoke.
      (Hank empties an entire carton of cigarette packs out onto a table.)
      Hank: Now lookie here. You are going to smoke this entire carton of cigarettes.
      Bobby: I thought you didn't want me to smoke anymore.
      Hank: (opening a pack) Oh this will take care of that. Start puffing boy. We have to get through 200 of these.

    • Cigarenders Leader: I think your problem is that you're a little weak right now...
      Hank: Weak?! Look at you with those birdy arms! They're no bigger than a cigarette, I could smoke them arms!

    • Hank: (reading cigarette box to Bobby) Cancer, heart disease, emphysema...
      Bobby: I thought those were the ingredients.

  • Notes

    • The song in the flashback sequence was "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" by Dionne Warwick.

    • The director of this episode was nominated for the 1997 Annie Award for Best Individual Achievement: Directing in a TV Production.

  • Allusions

    • "The Joneses", is referring to the neighbors that are often the envy of the nieghboorhood, usually wealthy, with nice possessions.

    • Hank says that Ladybird looks like Fran Dresser when she has the make up on. Fran Dresser is an actress, most famous for her role on "The Nanny".

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