King of the Hill

Season 1 Episode 11

King of the Ant Hill

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 04, 1997 on FOX

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  • Boring.

    It wasn't a bad episode of King of the Hill. It just wasn't a good episode either. The thing that I have to say is that if I were Hank, I would have ditched Dale as a friend a long time ago. He isn't even a friend. Why would a friend try to make their lives worse? I thought the episode was slow-moving and actually dull. I don't like the graphics of the first season. The things that I did like was the scene with Bobby being controlled by the ants. I thought that was one of the few highlights. Overall, it was below average. Thank you.
  • Hank competes with Kahn to have the best-looking lawn for the Cinco-de-Mayo party.


    This wasn't a horrible episode, but I didn't really care for it all that much. Some parts were rather funny, like when Hank got mad at Dale for putting fire ants in his lawn and tried to beat him up. And then Bobby and Joseph caught some, and Bobby had his own little ant farm. I thought it was kinda funny seeing all those ants covering Bobby's entire body. And then Hank's lawn, which King of the Hill fans know is his pride and joy, later turns into nothing but mud! A beach chair even started sinking in it! It had some funny parts, but I was kinda bored with it for the most part.
  • fANTastic!

    OK, not exactly fantastic, but I just HAD to say it. It was a really funny episode though, and Luanne rolling in the grass (especially Khan's) gets me every time I watch this episode. Peggy, for the first time shows her annoying habit of trying to sound Mexican when saying Mexican words, which is nothing against this specific episode, but her in general. The Bobby scenes were kind of creepy and could have been taken out. The plot line was mediocre, but the jokes themselves were on point. This isn't one of the best of the series or season, but it is a very funny and entertaining episode.
  • In this episode, we see that Hank is taking his role as Block Captain very seriously and with the upcoming holiday, things are really heating up in Arlen. Dale shows his worst side as things get very competitive in the lawn department.

    King of the Ant Hill is a very telling episode about Hank and his relationship with his lawn. He gives a short monologue early on about his feelings for the grass as opposed to the feeling he should show for those most important in his life. Best quote: "without my lawn, I am Bill". Luanne gets a short, retarted scene in this one where she shows her truly unimpressive tact and common sense outdoors. **SPOILERS**

    Hank gets razzed by Mr. Kahn about the condition of his cherished lawn and resorts to dumping Dale as his exclusive lawn care professional exterminator. He goes out and purchases the most expensive grass implants at the lawna and garden store(Raleigh Saint Augustine)and Dale wreaks a horrible, illogical revenge on the beautiful lawn. His feelings are so hurt by being refused the privilege of helping to protect Hank's lawn, he actually drops a load of fire-ants onto it on purpose. In the subplot, Bobby gets a strange mental effect from huffing the essense of the Queeen fire-ant in his room and goes through the episode in a kind of trance. He is under the control of the fire-ants!
    Tune in for a ton of laughs.