King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 4

Little Horrors of Shop

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Oct 31, 1999 on FOX

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  • Shop til You Drop!

    Another classic KOTH episode. A lot of funny parts as Peggy competes with Hank for Substitute Teacher of the Year. While there are a lot of flaws with the whole concept of the episode (no way a school would hire someone who has no teaching credentials) it doesn't seem to matter as the episode is just so darn good. One of my favourites from this season for sure. I love the mini Dale plot. It makes you wonder if that's really what happens or not! All in all, another great "Peggy is wrong" episode! I love those ones!
  • Hank becomes a substitute teacher at Tom Landry - and becomes more popular than Peggy.

    Hank is forced to take two weeks off from Strickland, and becomes the substitute shop teacher at Tom Landry Middle School when he learns that there is no permanent shop teacher. He becomes a very popular teacher - more popular than Peggy. In the contest for Substitute Teacher of the Year, Hank gets more votes than Peggy. Hank ends up getting suspended under the schools zero tolerance policy when he has the kids bring in tools from home. Peggy runs for SToTY as Mrs. Hank Hill to attach herself to Hank's popularity. She wins the award. At the ceremony, Hank shows up, and the kids cheer wildly, and Peggy assumes the wild applause is for her.
    This is another great "Peggy" episode that shows how her blind ambition leads Peggy to do whatever it takes to win.
  • Hank becomes the substitute shop teacher and he may beat Peggy for Substitute Teacher of the Year.

    When Bobby tells Hank that shop class is now study time, Hank becomes the substitute shop teacher. All the kids like him, and it seems like he is going to beat Peggy is the Subsitute Teacher of the Year Reward. The school doesn't have enough tools to rebuild things Hank wants to be, so Hank asks the kid if they can each bring a tool. Bobby is caught with a tool, and is almost suspended. Before he is, Hank tells Principal Moss that he told all the kids to bring tools. He is fired, and can no longer be in the run for Substitute Teacher of the Year. The kids come to Hanks house, asking to use his tools. He let's them. Peggy wins the STotY award. When she gives her speech, Hank walks out and everybody claps. Peggy, of course, thanks they are clapping for her.