King of the Hill

Season 8 Episode 7

Livin' on Reds, Vitamin C and Propane

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Dec 14, 2003 on FOX
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Hank needs to take some antique furniture to his mother in Arizona, so he rents an 18-wheeler and takes Bobby on a road trip. Dale, Bill and Boomhauer stow away in the back. At a truck stop, they meet several tough truckers who scoff at Hank for claiming to be a real trucker, especially once Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer are found. Hank falls asleep and Bobby and the gang think they better keep driving to make up for lost time, but they wind up on a mountain, and Hank has to figure a way to get down. Peggy and Luanne try to write a Christmas novelty song based on Hank and Bobby's travels.


Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Truckin' It!

    Another very good episode, and again, one of the best in Season 8. It has a great plot, a nice Bobby/Hank bonding time, and lots of humour. The B Plot while not terrible is hard to watch as the singing is just soooo bad. Actually, the best part of the B Plot is how Nancy is trying to find Dale. The gang stowing a way in the back is so funny, and the line of shame is brilliant. Everything in the A Plot was just awesome. Overall a fantastic episode.moreless
  • A great episode with a great plot, but the side plot was not very interesting, IMO.

    PLOT: Hank and Bobby take some furniture to Hank's mother in Arizona driving an 18-wheeler truck, with Bill, Dale, and Boomhauer(who stowed away in the back). Meanwhile, Peggy and Luanne try to make up a new Christmas novelty song.

    This was a great episode. It had some funny moments, like the stuff that went on with Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer in the back with the furniture while Hank was driving, Dale talking about how straight the lines on the road are, and that it could cause "highway hypnosis", so he tries it on Bill, and Bill and Dale getting hit with passing cactuses during a scene where Hank was driving with them hanging on to the side of the truck. The plot was great, but the side plot with Peggy and Luanne wasn't very interesting, IMO, but the side plot was fair. The plot developed excellently throughout the episode, and the episode had a great ending, too, IMO. Overall, great plot and comedy, fair side plot, and great development.


  • Perfect ensemble episode!

    Despite being a season 8 entry, this episode would make the perfect intro episode for a newbie. A great ensemble episode with no single character standing out but EVERYONE is outstanding. Worth noting is the absolutely HYSTERICAL side plot of Luanne and Peggy determined to write a Christmas song. The scene when they audition their poorly written and performed songs for a desperate, bathrobe clad Nancy with the stone faced sunglass wearing State Policeman behind her and Nancy says "Sug, that's nice but Dale's been missing for 3 days..." HAS to be one of THE funniest KOTH moments. So subtle and hilarious at the same time - so King of the Hill!moreless
  • Christmas Review #64

    Hank needs to take some antique furniture to his mother in Arizona, so he rents an 18-wheeler and takes Bobby on a road trip (with Dale, Bill and Boomhauer stowing away). At a truck stop, they meet several tough truckers who scoff at Hank for trying to "play trucker." Meanwhile, Peggy and Luanne try to write a Christmas novelty song. I thought that this was a perfect Christmas episode of "King of the Hill". I loved this episode and it has many funny parts to make you laugh. This was seriously one the greatest and most brilliant storylines that I have ever seen from this show. The subplot with Peggy and Luanne trying to write a Christmas Carol song wasn't very interesting but if you ignore subplot and just only pay attention the main plot. This episode could be an enjoyable way to spend 30 minutes of your time. This is definitely one of my favorite episodes and I'm going give it a 10 because the main plot was just perfect, brilliant, and magnificent while the subplot wasn't that interesting. Didn't take away any points though because they rarely showed the subplot which made it easier for me. Only funny part in the subplot was when Luanne came up with the song with Hank and Bobby giving Frosty the Snowman a ride back to his home and had dinner with his family. There was definitely a lot of laughs in the main plot. Dale, Bill, and Howard being behind the "walk of shame" line was hilarious. I also laughed when Dale, Bill, and Howard came out of the back of the truck and then Dale sees Hank through the window on that trucker diner. More parts in the main plot made me laugh as well. I also enjoyed the scene with Hank reversing backwards all the way down the hill with the help of Howard giving him directions. Overall, this was an excellent Christmas episode of "King of the Hill" that has one of the most creative, brilliant, and greatest storylines that I have ever seen from this show... even in the later season episodes like this, the writers know what they are doing. This episode definitely earns nothing but a PERFECT score from me... definitely one of my favorites. 10/10moreless
  • What a good episode.

    This episode had a great sense of adventure to it. I like when King of the Hill leaves the boring, normal setting for an unfamiliar one. I especially like the road trips episodes. This one had my attention straight forward. It was really funny as it had the stupid Bill, paranoid Dale, and stoned Boomhauer sneaking onto a semi-truck. I thought it was really hilarious to see them spend all that time in the cargo area and almost die. Another good scene would be where they are trying to go down the mountain on a very narrow and steep hill. For some reason, they ended up on the top of one and had to get down. Hank fell asleep and Bobby got scared. Thank you.moreless
Mike Judge

Mike Judge

Voice of Hank Hill, Boomhauer

Kathy Najimy

Kathy Najimy

Voice of Peggy Hill

Pamela Adlon

Pamela Adlon

Voice of Bobby Hill

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy

Voice of Luanne Platter

Johnny Hardwick

Johnny Hardwick

Voice of Dale Gribble

Stephen Root

Stephen Root

Voice of Bill Dauterive

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (13)

    • Bobby (While all hyped up on coffee): I don't think I can ever go back to coco.

    • Hank: We got to finish our haul and get home by Christmas.
      Cornell: But you won't get far without your mirrors. Or your headlights.
      Hank: Yep, suppose that's true.
      Waly: On the other hand, if I rode ahead of you, you wouldn't need them.
      Chip: And if I get your back, I can handle your rearview for you.
      Hank: (awe struck) You mean like a... a convoy?

    • Bill: Hank, what keeps the furniture from sliding out the door?
      Hank: Well, all our straps and chains are on the road for traction. So, you do, Bill.

    • Boomhauer: Hey, man, got them dang ol' antique lamps, man. Talk about a little kerosene left inside, man, you know? Probably stay warm dang ol' five minutes or so.

    • Peggy: This is the saga our song will tell: Hank and Bobby find a snowman hitch-hiking through Arizona. He will melt to death unless he gets home to the North Pole by Christmas. Hank and Bobby take him home. The snowman's family is so grateful, they invite him to their Christmas Snowman dinner. You got it?

    • Luanne: Aunt Peggy, could they be delivering a-a snowman? I bet there's lots of words that rhyme with snowman.
      Peggy: Of course. Who needs a snowman more than a widow in Arizona?

    • Hank: This isn't a toy, Bobby. To a trucker, these are tools. See, truckers are the last cowboys. They're their own bosses making tough decisions, winning or losing by the calls they make, answering only to the road.
      Bobby: Sounds hard.
      Hank: It is. Now, how would you like to make this trip with your old man?
      Bobby: Heck, yeah! Dad, can I have permission to say "Hell, yeah"?

    • Luanne: We have differences. Like in Simon versus the Garfunkel.

    • Peggy: There are just no good words that rhyme with "truck".

    • Peggy: A trucker and his boy, and they've promised their mom to be home by Christmas. Hank, this is one of those novelty Christmas songs that always sells a million freakin' copies! I have always wanted to get in on that racket.

    • Hank: Bobby, would you like to come with me on this trip?
      Bobby: Heck, yeah! Dad, can I have permission to say, "Hell, yeah"?

    • Hank: I can understand the gas tank bein' empty, but how'd ya kill the battery?
      Bill: It was dark and the headlights made us feel safe.

    • Dale: Let's just say mistakes were made. Then larger mistakes...

  • NOTES (1)


    • Luanne: We have differences. We're like Simon versus the Garfunkel.

      Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel rose to fame in the 1960s with songs like "The Sounds of Silence," "Bridge Over Troubled Water," and "Mrs. Robinson." They have since separated, but they have reunited on a few occasions to tour or record. They performed together at the 2003 Grammy Awards, where they received a Lifetime Achievement Award.

    • The episode title is taken from the line ("Livin' on reds, vitamin C and cocaine") in the Grateful Dead song called "Truckin".

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