King of the Hill

Season 13 Episode 4

Lost in MySpace

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 02, 2008 on FOX

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  • MyReview

    Watching this episode in 2013 is funny, because no one uses MySpace anymore, and probably most of the young generation has no clue what it is. That aside, I really enjoyed the episode. I guess weird is one way of describing it, but when I think of weird episodes I think "Pigmalion". Oddly enough, this episode also had a pig. The plot itself is a good one as it has a personal business (as suppose to big corporation owned one) trying to find a way to build clientele. The humour in it was great, and there are a lot of funny moments. The B Plot was kind of dumb, but Bill, Dale and Bobby make a great comedy trio. Overall a very enjoyable episode, and much better than the previous one.
  • Weird, But Great

    I was with Hank, I hate MySpace a lot. I'm a Facebook person. This entire episode seemed to be dissing on MySpace, which was nice. But it also seemed, from the other characters' point of views, to be accepting MySpace. So it was like dissing it but also trying to get fans to like make an account. So that was interesting. My overall grade would be a B, because I do not like MySpace at all. Also, it's funny how when this show does a topic like this, such a simple, generic one, they make it real funny, something other cartoons would have probably failed
  • Very weird.

    Hank actually was standing for something that I have a full confidence in. That issue was the myspace issue. I don't like that website and I have to say I find it very annoying. To be honest, I can't stand it. When Hank fought it, I was agreeing with him. Strickland is such an idiot. I don't know why he still works for him. I guess when you work for money and love the job you do, you put up with the pinheads of the world. The show had some okay writing and comedy, but I jsut think it was a waste of a plot to be focused on myspace. Thank you.
  • Donna, the internet crazy worker at stirckland gets carried away.

    So the episode starts off with a propane sale not going to Strickland, which of course is bad. We find out later on that it was because the customer met the owner on MySpace. So Buck decides to set up a Myspace page.

    Donna,(who is sane at the moment) sets up the myspace page but puts a whole bunch of stuff to attract people like videos of Joe Jack shaking his body fat. The site seems to be working and business picks up.

    Problems start when Donna doesn't let Hank do what Hank does best (I guess) is sell propane and propane accesories. Instead she makes him set up a MySpace profile and she doesn't help the customers she asks them to foward questions to the site. Hank is furious by this and starts writing "mean" things about Donna on the site. A flash mob comes to the Strickland and thinking Buck is Hank beats up Buck. Donna gets fired for obvious reasons. She sets up a site that defaces Strickland Propane. They eventually find Donna get her to take down the site and they give her her job back.

    Pretty good episode, the problem in this episode was Donna was a crazy woman who didn't like to do anything outside what's on her computer.
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