King of the Hill

Season 11 Episode 4

Luanne Gets Lucky

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Mar 25, 2007 on FOX

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  • A Night to Semi-Remember

    This is much better than the previous episode, but a far cry from the first two episodes of the season. It has an OK, but kind of weird plot, and has some good laughs, but it just isn't super entertaining. I am a pretty big fan of Luanne, but not always her episodes. She is much better as a background character who only has a few funny lines, as suppose to being the star of an episode. The "B" Plot of the Stumpin' was OK, but didn't do much except have a set up for the main overall plot. Overall it was a pretty decent episode.
  • Luanne going to the senior prom with a 15-year-old senior boy

    I didn't get how a 15 year old high school boy would be a senior. He would have to be a genius to be a senior at that age, he didn't seem like a genius and he had no genius characteristics. He would have to be a freshman or a sophomore at that age. I don't know whose idea was it to have a 15 year old boy to be a senior in high school, that was just asinine, I tell you what.
  • When Lucky declines a romantic evening with Luanne in favour of going "stumping" with Hank and the gang, she makes a date with a young student to go to the senior prom with him – much to the anger of Lucky's two friends. Not outstanding, but a nice ep...

    From the first act of this episode, I wasn't expecting much. It was okay, but definitely not classic 'King of the Hill'. However, to my pleasant surprise, over the rest of the episode, it developed into a very reasonable story overall.

    I'm not sure if 'stumping' is a real Texan thing, or something invented for this episode. But the whole plot of Luanne going to the senior prom with the young and terrified young student is well played out, and has a lot of good moments.

    One thing I would say from this season so far, is that we haven't had any stories devoted to Hank himself. Even though the show is very much an ensemble piece, Hank is still the 'main' character. But looking at the title of the next episode, 'Hank Gets Dusted', maybe this is about to be rectified.

    That said, it is a nice change to have an episode based around Luanne and Lucky. Lucky is an interesting character - neither outstandingly likeable nor dislikeable, but makes for some good moments.

    All-in-all, a reasonable episode, but the opening episode, 'The Peggy Horror Picture Show', still stands as the best episode this season thus far, IMO.
  • Okay episode.

    I didn't really like this episode very well. It was a bit broing and wasn't all that funny to begin with. Whenever Luanne and Lucky are the focus of the show, it really makes for a dragging episode. Now there a few things that weren't so bad. I thought it was kind of entertaining to see Lucky's friends bully around the kid that went with Luanne. I also liked when Luanne decided to go to the prom. I must say that the writing was average, the comedy was okay, and the plot was below my expectations. Overall, it was just average episode. Thank you.
  • Another average one that barely deserves a 7, we expect more from this show.

    It's odd that I actually cared more about the plots than the jokes themselves, which is a first for a KOTH episode. This episode wasn't bad, but it could had funnier. Lucky's plot about going after that tree stump was solid, but barely as it had like 2-3 jokes, though there aren't LOL either. And Luanne's plot about trying to go to the prom with a 15 year old senior(you heard me) was a bit stronger, but it was kind of weird of how Lucky's guys were after the boy that Luanne was going to the prom with. There simply aren't any strong jokes in this one, just chuckles, smiles and little laughs, and it did get boring on some parts. But a good story and a fairly well done ending helps it a lot. You should watch this episode, but it's not mandatory to do it though, and you could have mixed reactions as well.

    KOTH needs to be a classic again, and while this episode heads for the right direction, it's simply isn't there yet. Keep trying, you can do it.
  • Luck of the Draw!

    I don't want to criticze Luanne's taste of men, but her boyfrriend Luck isn't what you called a perfect catch. this epiosde has Luck along with hank and his friends when out in the country to take down a rare stump. Meanwhile Luanne, who never went on a prom accepted a date with a 15 year-old kid. Meanwhile Mud Dobher and Elvin tries to bully the kid out of that date. I like this episode of "King of the Hill." the forcus of this episode is on Luanne, one of my least favorite characters. she should cut down on the whinning and take the stand as a woman.
  • One of the best episodes in a long time.

    I just can't belive how good this episode was I mean it had everything to make this on a great episode. There were so many funny parts in it, the writing was fantastic this could be one of the best episodes throughout this entire series. I thought the funniest part of this episode was when well I really don't have a favorite part it was just so funny from start to finish. I hope every episode after this one is just as great. I give this episode a 10 and it is my favorite episode of all time. Oh Yeah
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