King of the Hill

Season 1 Episode 5

Luanne's Saga

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 16, 1997 on FOX
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Luanne is dumped by her boyfriend Buckley, and she drives Hank crazy by crying all day and all night. Peggy warns Hank not to interfere, but Hank decides to find a new boyfriend for Luanne. Things don't turn out the way he was expecting though.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Boom-Yeah!

    Another fantastic KOTH episode. Luanne was a great character in the earlier seasons, and while I liked her later on too, she was more well rounded here. Buckley is a great character too, and his lines are hilarious. I somewhat agree with Hank in this episode. While I don't think forcing your feelings is good, neither is just constantly crying. Bill's scene with Peggy was one of the best in the episode, and the awkward love affair he has, begins here. I loved the part where Dale was in the bathroom. I laugh every time I see it. It was nice to see Hank show his soft side, which he does have, just doesn't like to show. Probably the only thing I didn't really like about this episode was that weird scene with Peggy when Hank got that weird vision thing. It was just really odd, and kinda stupid. BUT, still another great one!moreless
  • Quite underrated.

    An underrated episode of Season one of King of the Hill, In this one, Hank and the guys try to find Luanne a date and Boomhaure ends up being her date, Hank doesn't approve. I liked a few moments, Dale in the bathroom, hank's reaction to Boomhaure dating her, and amongst other things, In conclusion, I will say that Luanne's Saga is a perfect Season 1 episode.

  • fair

    buckley dumps luann, and she is of course very upset. she drives hank crazy with her crying and hank sends her on a date. but, he is horrified, and threatens to make big changes, when he sees her coming home not with her original date, but with boomhauer.

    kind of a weak episode. not many laughs were found for me and the plot is forgettable and boring, especially in the middle and towards the end. it's a real average episode i think and so because of all this my overall grade for this episode is somewhere in the "C" range methinksmoreless
  • Just a weird episode.

    I don't think that this was a bad episode of King of the Hill. It just wasn't as good as it normally is. To me, it was a rather awkard episode and it made me a little sick. I thought the writing was sub-par and the story was silly. It seemed that the writers had nothing better to do on this day so they took a vacation. I didn't like seeing Boomhauer and Luanne together, as it made me feel a little bit sick. The age difference was what made me grossed out. I thought that Hank was his usual bland, blind character and what made this show watchable was that it managed to stay sort of funny in the beginning but went down the tubes after that. Thank you.moreless
  • Luanne's Saga revolves around the issue of Hank needing his much-beloved den back for his peace-of-mind and for general puttering around. Unfortunately, his neice is currently a long-time house guest and has yet to vacate the aforementioned den.moreless

    Luanne's Saga is an evolution of Hank's innermost feelings about life and family. On the outset of this episode, the apparent issue is that Hank wants his den back and Luanne has worn-out her welcome (she used to live in a trailer park with her parents until the day her momma got dragged off to jail for stabbing her father with a fork in a fight about the last quart of bedtime beer). Later we see that the issues get more convoluted because Hank was counting on Buckley to take Luanne home with him at his apartment eventually. Buckley dumps Luanne and now Hank has not only an occupied den but a weeping niece on his hands. Hank and the guys go to Ulgly's Saloon to pick-out a new boyfriend for Luanne and things go downhill from then on.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • In one scene Hank is scene in what looks like his garage trying to make noise to block out Luanne's crying, however, there is a window that looks out into the yard and into a window on the left that belongs to the den. This room is never seen again.

    • In this episode it seems that Dale lives across the alleyway, however for the rest of the series he lives next door to Hank.

    • When Boomhauer first pulls up next to Hank's house his car is close to the edge of Hank's property. After the break the car looks to be more in the middle of the road. Also, when Boomhauer drives home he just drives straight and then stops, but then when he and Luanne get out, he is tucked into his driveway a bit.

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Hank (Sees Luanne crying): Look at that, she's crying again. I guess she just got dumped by her new boyfriend, Boomhauer.
      Peggy (Under her breath): Boomhauer didn't dump her, you did.
      Hank: What? What was that?
      Bobby (Out loud): She said "Boomhaur didn't dump her, you did." (Pause) Pass the catsup.

    • Bill: Hank, maybe it's time to settle this.
      Hank: Yeah. I just hate these big emotional scenes. Well, let's get it over with. Boomhauer!
      Boomhauer: Yep?
      Hank: Beer?
      Boomhauer: Yep.
      Dale: That was beautiful.

    • Dale: That one's boomhauer's.
      Hank: That cradle robber's getting none of my beer.
      Dale: Boomhauer didn't do anything. And even if he did, why do you care? Luanne's not your relation.
      Hank: Hell, she's my wife's brother's daughter. You can't get any closer than that.

    • Hank: Why aren't you with Wade? I want Wade.
      Luanne: As soon as you left, Wade turned into Mr. Grabby Sam. I think that you just fixed me up with him so you could get your den back. Thank goodness, Boomhauer gave me a lift.
      Hank: A lift? Is that what they're calling it these days? You can't trust this guy. He's a no-good, immoral skirt-chasin' rascal.
      Luanne: So? At least you like him better than Buckley.
      Hank: You're saying he's your new boyfriend?
      Luanne: What if he is? You can't tell me what to do. You're not my father.
      Hank: You're damn straight I'm not. But while you're under my roof I'm your landlord. And as your landlord, I forbid you to date Boomhauer.
      Peggy: Shut up, Hank.
      Luanne: I can find another roof. I'll stay at Boomhauer's.
      Hank: Fine.
      Luanne: Fine!
      Boomhauer: This ain't gonna work out, man. Just flat out no, man.
      Luanne: Thanks, Boomhauer. let's go.
      Boomhauer: Dang ol' women from Mars, man, I'll tell ..
      Hank: Don't go in there, Luanne! I'm warning you! You'll be sorry! Damn it.
      Dale: This neighborhood is turning into Melrose Place.

    • Hank: Pass me some more of that cookie dough. I never knew you could eat it raw. It's almost as good as ice cream.
      Luanne: You know, they make ice cream with cookie dough already in it.
      Hank: Damn, sister, get me my keys!
      (later, both are laughing)
      Peggy: Luanne, where have you been? We were supposed to be crying all night.

    • Hank: She's with a football player now, and they know how to treat a woman!

    • Hank: Look at my friend Bill. He went through the worse divorce this county has ever seen, but you don't see him crying. (Cut to a scene where we see Bill closing his blinds and we can hear him crying)

    • Boomhauer: mumble-mumble Luanne'll go dutch mumble-mumble
      Attractive Lady: wanna dance?
      Boomhauer: Dang ole' CK1, just like catnip

    • Hank: (to Peggy about Luanne) I did what you couldn't. I'm not saying you're not good at what you do. I'm just saying I'm better at it than you are. I went in there and fixed her like a carburetor, and it was fun, like fixing a carburetor.

    • Luanne: (while exercising) You can't predict this tape, I've done it enough to know.

    • Luanne: Another thing I hate about Buckley, is he always takes me to all-you-can-eat and says I have to sneak off his plate, so I just get iced tea, but then he's too scared of getting caught to share.
      Hank: I hate that!

    • (Bobby is following Luanne's exercise video)
      Hank: Bobby! Stop dancing, now.
      Luanne: He's not just dancing, Uncle Hank. He's firming his thighs and tightening his buttocks.
      Hank: Watch your mouth!

    • Dale: It's a scientific fact that women like men with round, muscular butts.

  • NOTES (2)