King of the Hill

Season 13 Episode 8

Lucky See, Monkey Do

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 08, 2009 on FOX

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  • And the Baby Makes 3!

    This is a very enjoyable episode, and one that people have been waiting a LONG time for. Luanne has been pregnant for like, two seasons, and you couldn't even tell. I liked the old school vs. new school argument, as similar to the previous episode, both parties had valid arguments, for some of the things they said. It was great, also, to see Luanne stand up for herself at the end. She often, especially as the series went on, played the airhead, but she usually (more so in earlier episodes) knew when enough was enough and when she was being bullied around. It was nice to see the blend of new and old Luanne in this episode. When it came to actual humour it was pretty solid as well. It isn't hilarious, but there were a number of really funny things in the episode. The B Plot, while not laugh out loud funny, was still entertaining and a typical Bill plot, which is always enjoyable. Congrats to Luanne and Lucky on their baby girl!
  • This delivers more than just a baby

    This episode was like the battle of the narcissists as the egotistical Peggy of the later seasons meets her match with someone who knows more than she does in something and is more than happy to rub it in.

    After a little over two seasons Luanne finally sports a huge baby bump as she's two weeks away from delivering and is holding a rather interesting baby shower. We're introduced to Lucky's sister who is nothing like Lucky being a rather modern mother who quickly points out that it's not safe to accept Bobby's hand-me-down baby items that were gifted by Peggy.

    This episode has its pros and cons we get to see Peggy knocked down a peg (pun intended) which is sort of satisfying after watching her ego driven by her superiority complex grow to such heights over the last few seasons. But then this is short lived as Lucky's sister Myrna goes from just being knowledgeable and modern to perhaps too modern as she starts to impose her beliefs onto Luanne, so basically she's the more modern Peggy.

    In the end Peggy is somewhat justified and is more than happy to spit out a rather immature boost when Luanne decides she wants to give birth in a hospital rather than a natural birth in a pool (This show sort of proves that the Hills can not be wrong unless it's a comedic situation). If not for us knowing that Peggy truly loves and cares for Luanne like the daughter she never had it would make you believe that Peggy only cared about being right vs thinking what would be in Luanne's best interest.

    This seems like a negative review and in a way could be one but what makes this episode great and in my opinion ultimately saves it besides a few funny one-liners is that Luanne finally decides to take control of her life and make her own decisions; which is something we have been waiting for ever since they dumbed the poor girl down since the pilot episode and she seem to lose more . points as the show progressed while Peggy had a hand in just about everything that she did.

    As the episode ends you're left to wonder just how long Luanne's new found independence from Peggy will last (although thankfully it seems to actually stick given the handful of episodes left before the series ended) and what exactly happens to Myrna and her connection to her newborn niece.

    The B story involves Bill's budding romance with an order taker for a fast food restaurant he frequents. But this is a Bill story so things end in a fashion that is reserved solely for Bill with him back at square one.
  • Luanne has her baby, and Peggy Hill mets Lucky's sister expecting a hillbilly wackjob, but she is the opposite. Lucky's sister is just very overprotective. Just read the review for a recap.

    It starts with the baby shower, and Peggy offers Luanne all of Bobby's baby crib, and clothes. Then Lucky's sister shows up and is a total freak with her kids. When Peggy offers her kids juice, lucky's sister says: "No! They will have one glass of water, and read a book.". So they fight about it, and decide to go to an event at the hospital and she shows that Peggy is a bad parrent. Then The freak mom decorates the babies nursery, and it is all black, red, and white squares with some frowny faces. Peggy angry at her that she is going to raise Luanne's baby into a robot like her kid. So the sister wants to birth the baby in a tub with a hippie doctor. Then Luanne demands to go to a hospital. The sister then catches up to them. Luanne has the baby and it is a girl. Luanne wants to have the name be Lagsania. But they change it to something else that they show at the end of the end.
  • Very cute episode.

    Basically, I love this episode. I love the devotion Peggy gives to Luanna and Lucky. I also like the little baby. She's so cute. But it was funny when they decided to name her lasagna. Well forget about that. It was a really good episode and I hope we can see a little bit more of baby Grace "Lasagna" W/e her last name is and hopefully, she will grow into a happy and healthy baby girl. I don't know how people can hate this show. It is so heart warming. So well, my final grade is an A+.
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  • Better.

    Wow, this was actually better than I thought it was going to be. In the first few minutes, I thought this was going to be a boring episode as Peggy and Luanne were the prime focus. Whenever that is the case, it makes for a rather poor episode, most of the time. But it was actually quite refreshing to see Luanne actually make her own choices and to think for herself. Bill was really funny to as it was kind of sad to see him get disappointed. But it was more funny! Overall, this was a really good episode that turned out better. Thank you.