King of the Hill

Season 6 Episode 3

Lupe's Revenge

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Dec 12, 2001 on FOX

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  • Lost in Translation

    It's always good to have an episode where Peggy's stupidity is mocked. Although there is no satisfaction in her actually finding out how bad she is. The episode has a pretty good plot and a lot of funny moments, but I really think I just like the concept of the episode more than the funniness of it. It's not an episode that is hilarious every time you watch it, in fact I barely laughed at all this last time. But it is entertaining and has some really good moments. The B plot isn't really that good outside of a couple of chuckles (and a way to have Hank's friends in it) and is actually more of a mini A plot as they intertwine a couple of times. Overall a pretty good episode, that is much funnier the first few times you watch it.
  • Can Peggy Speak Spanish

    A Spanish field trip to Mexico turns bad when Peggy accidentally takes back home a Mexican girl named Lupe. When she figures this out, she returns her to Mexico, but everyone hates Peggy for kidnapping the girl.

    This goes to court, and, in a hilarious final scene, Peggy, in her own Spanish, explains {or tries to explain} what really happened.

    The episode ends with the Judge saying that she is not guilty {in Spanish}, and Peggy thinks he said she was.

    This is surely a hilarious episode, if not for the finale few minutes in court. One of the best from season 6
  • A funny, decent episode.

    Usually I don't care much for Peggy Hill. I still don't after watching this episode. She is so stupid, so cocky, and so ignorant that it makes me want to change the channel whenever she is the main focus for an episode. This was a good episode as it exposed her for the idiot that she really is. She is awful in Spanish and she can't speak it worth anything. I say that she should have gone to jail, but she was bailed out by the writers. She adds nothing to the show and is too full of herself. The story was funny and I actually thought Peggy was funny for once. Thank you.
  • peggy is bad at spanish

    Peggy is put in charge of the spanish club's field trip to mexico. she takes bobby along. peggy's lack of fluency in spanish creates many problems which lead to lupe accidently being transport back to america. lupe trys to tell peggy she needs to go back to mexico and her family but peggy just can't understand. meanwhile hank is having trouble with a lady cop and trys to ward of her advances towards him to peggy then takes lupe back to mexico and thinks she him. hank discovers lupe thanks to lady bird. he then convinces peggy to take her back. peggy takes her back and thinks she is hero but the mexicans think she is kidnapper and she is arrested and but on trial. hank rush to help her and is able to convince peggy to use her fluency in spanish to save herself. her lack of spanish fluency saves her from being thrown in jail. lol!
  • Peggy's Spanish fluencey is what makes this episode hilarious.

    In this episode of King of the Hill, we find Peggy taking the Spanish club on its field trip to Mexico. What I found so hilarious was how inept Peggy was in speaking Spanish when she claims she is fluent in speaking the language and bad her pronunciation was when she spoke in her foreign tounge.

    Another thing that was pretty good about the episode was how when the club crossed the Mexican border and wanted everyone to stop speaking in English and start speaking in Spanish. I thought it was quite funny that Peggy thought the butcher worked at a circus instead of at a butcher's shop and when they arrived at the shop she was saying "Polo for u, Polo for u" (Chicken for you, chicken for you).

    In all, this is possibly my favorite episode of King of the Hill. I find this so funny because how bad Peggy understands Spanish in this episode.
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