King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 12

Meet the Manger Babies

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Jan 11, 1998 on FOX

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  • Super!

    While I am not really a fan of the whole Manger Babies thing, this is a very funny episode with a ton of classic lines. Luanne centred episodes can either be hilarious or kind of boring. This one (as most early season ones are) is hilarious. There are a lot of funny things such as Bobby calling himself Jesus and the awkward conversation between Luanne and the pastor and the whole juice thing. Sometimes its the small jokes that make the whole episode work, which it does in this case. Another great episode!
  • great

    What I liked: the ending with the batteries, Hank deciding to do the right thing and help Luanne, despite the fact this means he will miss the super bowl, amongst other things.

    This episode is kind of low in the humor department. The plot was good but the humor was almost nonexistent. Maybe because Luanne is not that great of a character to me, but this episode felt flat compared to other episodes, especially with humor. The only thing I laughed at is the ending of the episode. Still, because the plot was good this still manages to be a B- or so.
  • Meet the Manger Babies is one of the many episodes featuring Luannes oddities. She makes a show with little hand-puppets and it's not really one of Hank's favorite things to put up with.

    Meet the Manger Babies is a pivotal episode bringing into focus the relationship Luanne shares with the Hill family and also the importance of viewership on Super Bowl Sunday. When Luanne gets a chance to perform on her very own television show with her Manger Babies, she expects the full support of her uncle Hank Hill (she doesn't understand that the Super Bowl may have a little bit of import to people like Hank Hill). Up until Super Bowl Sunday, Hank is more than happy to help but he still wants to enjoy football game with all the guys; he already made the best dip ever! Tune in for a heart-warming adventure in family values.
  • Hank buys Luanne puppets and she forms a Christian puppet show called The Manger Babies.

    Hank buys Luanne some puppets. She pratices and soon has her own show at the church called The Manger Babies. After Hank saves the show, Luanne makes him God. She then gets to go on national tv during The Super Bowl. She want Hank to be on the show as God, but he wont because he wants to watch The Super Bowl. On the day of The Super Bowl, Peggy uses a remote to keep switching the tv channel from The Super Bowl to Luanne's show. Hank thinks it is a sign and he goes and saves Luanne's show by playing God. Bobby then accidently reveals about Peggy's remote to Hank.
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