King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 20

Meet the Propaniacs

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 16, 2000 on FOX

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  • PANE-fully funny

    This is a really good episode. Not only is it pretty funny and has a decent plot, it also has Hank and Bobby bond which happens sometimes but not often on the show. The scene at the end when Hank is the only one laughing is very touching. Dale of course was hilarious "The Big D, Rusty I also like the diaper part, and how awkward Hank is. Overall a really good episodes, one of my favourites from this season.
  • Bobby entertains a crowd with propane-related jokes.

    Bobby helps Strickland Propane by making people laugh with propane jokes. It is nice to see Bobby and Hank finally working together. Bobby learns about propane and Hank learns about comedy. It had a nice ending and a good story. This is a great episode. The jokes' in the Propanics show are pretty bad. But the jokes' of the actual show are still pretty good. It was also nice to hear Hank laugh for once and just laugh but cracking up. Even though the jokes he laughs at are pretty bad. This is not one of my favorite episodes but still great.
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