King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 16

Movin' On Up

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 27, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Luanne offers Hank a beer at the end of the episode, enjoying one herself. Luanne doesn't turn 21 until Night and Deity, but Texas law apparently allows minors to consume alcohol in the presence of a legal guardian.

    • When Luanne gets home from work at the start of the episode, Bobby is waiting for her to get the food she brings home. She puts the duck shaped bag on his tray with the beak of it facing Bobby. The next shot it's facing the other way.

    • As the guys are checking out the vacant house inside, they are surprised to see it has a pool. However the problem with this is its right next to the driveway in the front of the house, in the open with no fence in front of the driveway so it would provide a clear look through from the alley. As they state they never noticed it in 18 years living there, yet walking up and down the alley it's a bit hard to imagine being that open and they never saw it. Even the final shot (aerial shot) at the end of the episode we see it was far too obvious for them to have never seen in that space of time.

    • Tagline: "Truth or dare?" -Dale "Dare!" -Bill "Ugh" -Hank

    • When Luanne's roommate's car is parked outside Hank's alley from the first time to near the end it's a light green; however, during the final screen shot, which pans out to show the entire town, we see it again as a dark blue.

  • Quotes

    • Hank: (as he and Peggy are in bed giggling) And off with my boxers... (Luanne sneaks into the room to use their bathroom and falls) WHAAA? (turns on the light, Peggy is holding his boxer shorts) AHH! Luanne! Get out of here!
      Luanne: Oh! I'm so sorry! I thought you were sleeping but... (pauses and realizes) ...but you weren't sleeping. (giggles)
      Hank: Out! (Luanne leaves the room, the mood is gone) Boxers, please.

    • (Hank, Bill, Dale and Boomhauer open up Pop's fridge and find a can of beer)
      Bill: Look, Pop's last beer.
      Hank: (Takes out the beer and hold it up) To Pops. (Sees a pool in the backyard) That son of a bitch had a pool?
      Bill: I thought I heard splashing.
      Hank: How could you not know? You've been neighbours with him for eighteen years.
      Bill: I thought he lives by a lake.
      Hank: A lake to where?
      Bill: It was none of my business.

    • (Griffin is sitting on the coffee table shaving his chest)
      Luanne: Griffin, ew! We said no shaving in the living room unless it was an emergency!

    • Hank: I have unplugged your house from my house!
      Griffin: Well, that's not very neighborly of you.

    • Luanne: I just think I should move out before we end up hating each other.
      Peggy: Oh, Luanne, we could never hate --
      Hank: She's making a good point there, Peggy.

    • Hank: Dale, for the last time, I can't turn in this rental application without your Social Security number.
      Dale: Five, five, five, five, five.
      Hank: That's not even enough numbers.
      Dale: Five. Five.

    • Luanne (explaining why she's late coming home from work): The cash register didn't balance, and it took Gary twenty minutes to confess.

    • Bill: My first choice was the Marines, but I couldn't do enough sit-ups to be a Marine Corps barber. Semper Fi!

    • Bill: You know how I want to go? Right here in the alley with you guys. It'll probably be my heart, the way things are going.

    • Hank: The audacity!

  • Notes

    • The name of the song that Bill and Dale sing when trying to scare off the potential buyers is "Thank God I'm a Country Boy" by John Denver. The song Hank listens to while in his den is "Hello Walls" by Faron Young.

    • This is the only mention ever of Luanne's roommates. It is never stated what happens to them, they are just no longer there.

    • Brittany Murphy was nominated for the 2000 Annie Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement for Voice Acting by a Female Performer in an Animated Television Production as the voice of Luanne Platter for this episode.

    • Stephen Root, who voices Bill and Buck on KOTH, is reunited with three of his castmates from Newsradio, where he played eccentric millionaire 'Jimmy James'. On Newsradio Andy Dick (Griffin) played Matthew, Vicki Lewis (Kate) played Beth and Maura Tierney (Tanya) played Lisa.

  • Allusions

    • Bill: Tony Curtis is 80.

      Tony Curtis was an actor whose career spanned over six decades. However at the time of this episode he would have only been 75 not 80 as Bill suggests.

    • The title of this episode is the theme song title from The Jeffersons.

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