King of the Hill

Season 9 Episode 2

Ms. Wakefield

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Dec 19, 2004 on FOX

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  • When the previous owner of Hank and Peggy's house comes for a visit the Hills make her welcome, at least until she tells them why she is there...

    Christmas is in the air and when the previous owner of Hank's house shows up unexpectedly Hank makes her welcome. However, when she suddenly tells the family that she wants to die in the house she wears that welcome out. Later, when she comes back and tries to force her way in, Hank has her arrested. Hank's neighbors decide that he is being cruel, but when the old woman shows up at the Christmas party everyone else feels the heat too. Finally, Hank thinks up a solution that saves the day.

    This was another great episode of King of the Hill and the show's writers deserve a lot of credit for this happy but different Christmas episode. The show deals with a lot of issues and, as usual, Hank finds a simple solution that honors his everyday values. This show really shows what the people of the USA are all about.
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