King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 15

Naked Ambition

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 20, 2000 on FOX

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  • Bare-y Good!

    This is another classic KOTH episode, where the B plot is actually funnier then the A plot, which doesn't matter because the A plot is still really funny on its own. Bobby and Connie official become a couple with everyone finally finding out. It's a sweet episode and although the Joseph aspect gets a tad annoying still stays funny throughout, especially the "oh man!" at the end. The B plot line is not only the best B plot of the series, its arguably one of the best plots period. This whole episode is full of laughs and is one of the best of the series.
  • Luanne

    The hills and friends go to the river to go b oating and water sking. Joseph has come along with Connie. Meanwhile Dale, bill and boomhuaer are relaxing. Boomhauer is on an innertube and does not want to leave yet. Bobby heads to the showering area and accidently discovers a naked Luanne. he tells Joseph about it. Boomhauer stayed on the raft and drifted to houston and ends up in a mental institution and so do bill and dale when they go to bust him out. Jospeph is trying to peep at Luanne with Bobby's help and Connie sees them and thinks their peeping at her but bobby saysthey were looking for birds. Later bobby goes to Connie's room and tells tthe truth and tells connie that boyfriends and girlfriend get naked in fornt eachother and they agree to take off their shirts so bobby does but conney is caught by her aprents when she is about to take off hers. they tell her the want her to date a different guy who's name i forgot but she wants to be with bobby. so kahn builds a fence to keep bobby away but bobby and connie uses ladders to see eachother and kiss but that trips kahn's alarm system. luanne is taking a shower and comes out and looks out the window and sees kahn so she screams since she was naked. joseph hears the scream and is disapointed because he missed it again.
  • The best episode ever

    ' King of the Hill ' produced many great episodes ( a couple of awful ones as well ) but this episode was by the far the funniest episode ever made. This show was full of laughs from beginning to end. Bobby accidently seeing Luanne Naked at the beach, Bobby and Joseph getting caught by Khan Jr while trying to sneak a peep of Luanne in the shower, Bobby and Khan Jr. disrobing and getting caught by her father. Who can ever forget Khan on the ladder yelling at Bobby and Luanne mistakenly assuming he was peeping at her.
    if there is a single episode of ' King of the Hill ' that is a must watch, it will have to be this one.