King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 15

Naked Ambition

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 20, 2000 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • At the beginning of the episode there is a shot of the parked vehicles and the Hill's car is yellow (the car next to Dale's van). As Bobby and Connie are talking, the car behind Bobby (the Hill's car) is now blue.

    • As Kahn is yelling at Bobby after he sees him kissing Connie over the fence he chases after Bobby and in one of the shots you can see the ladder Bobby used is gone. The following shot it shows Luanne in the bathroom and through the window we see the ladder has reappeared. The other change in the shots is ladder's height (Bobby's ladder) was enough it reached over the fence. As we see the ladder through the bathroom it's not even reaching the top of the fence.

    • Tagline: "Did you just say 'Go Mom'?" -Dale

    • In the outside shot of the Souphanousinphones, the only window leading to the fence is Connie's room, yet when Kahn is in his living room he looks out and can see Bobby and Connie kissing. Then when he goes outside, again, only Connie's window is there.

    • The background of Bill's kitchen shows a cutting board in the left side of the sink. The next view shows the cutting board in the right side.

  • Quotes

    • Joseph: Hey, Bobby. I heard you need help with your math homework.
      Bobby: Uhh, I'm right in the middle of dinner?
      Joseph: Oh don't worry, I can wait. (scoots up next to Luanne) Heyyy Luanne!
      Luanne: Hey, Joseph
      Joseph: (sighs smitten again)

    • Joseph: Hey, Bobby. How about we walk to school together this morning?
      Bobby: We walk to school together every morning! And we don't have to leave for another twenty minutes!
      Joseph: No problem, I can wait. (scoots up next to Luanne and sits) Hey Luanne!
      Luanne: Hey.
      Joseph: (sighs smitten)

    • Connie: Bobby. Bobby.
      Bobby: Connie, come down here. I miss you.
      Connie: I can't move or else I'll set off my dad's security.
      Bobby: Don't move.
      Bobby: Dad, what are you doing here?
      Hank: I was just getting the guys of the insane asylum. What are you doing here?
      Bobby: (sighs).
      Hank: The uh, 10-footer ought to do it. The middle one.
      Connie: Hurry Bobby.
      Khan: AHHH! (shouting in Laotian as Connie gasps)
      Bobby: I know a few of those words. I better go.
      Connie: Bye.
      Khan: I see you. Khan see everything. You know you not too big to be spanked you dirty little hillbilly.
      Joseph: Aw Man.

    • Joseph: First you cop a look at Luanne, then you see Connie naked? Man, when did you become such a player?
      Bobby: I didn't see Connie naked, I only saw her belly button.
      Joseph: How was it?
      Bobby: INCREDIBLE!!

    • Luanne: (as Bobby sees her naked) AHHH!
      Bobby: (after seeing Luanne naked) AHHH!
      Luanne: (as she tries to close the curtain and her and Bobby sigh in relief but it's still open) AHHH!
      Bobby: YEOWWW!
      Peggy: Bobby, have you seen Luanne?
      Bobby: No, she's my cousin. I'm going to ride home with Joseph.
      Joseph: Oh, man. What did she look like. Come on. Come on.
      Bobby: I don't want to think about it.
      Joseph: She's got big boobs, doesn't she?
      Bobby: YES!
      Joseph: I knew it!
      Bobby: Luanne is practically my sister. I'm not supposed to see her in that state of affairs! I just gotta get that picture out of my head!
      Joseph: Put it in my head! Tell me everything! Was she wearing high heels?
      Bobby: She wasn't wearing anything!
      Joseph: Oh, man! I'm gonna picture her in high heels.

    • Dale: (As they're captured during an escape attempt) How'd they find out about this?
      Bill: I might have mentioned something in group.

    • Kahn: You think that boy have future? That not baby fat, that permanent.

    • Dale: You're where? The booby hatch? Wait, the gentleman's club or the mental hospital?

    • Joseph: I can't go back home... my dad's already armed the perimeter.

  • Notes

    • In an interview given a couple of years earlier, writer/actor Johnny Hardwick mentioned this plot as one of his favorite unproduced story ideas.

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