King of the Hill

Season 8 Episode 3

New Cowboy on the Block

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 16, 2003 on FOX

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  • Rock On!

    This was a pretty decent episode, but not the funniest one. It has a pretty decent plot, and there are a lot of great Dale abusing Bill moments. I liked how star-struck Hank got, and how he tried to get rid of Willie by following the law. It reminded me of him trying to get arrested by taking off his shirt in a store. I think this episode is probably funnier the first time you watch it as suppose to seeing it a few times, so I won't lower it's rating based on that, but it still seemed to lack something. It was at least entertaining and not boring, despite the lack of humour.
  • great

    an ex dallas cowboy player moves in and hank is starstruck. but, the man turns out to be a big jerk. what will happen when he goes too far? Will hank, block captain, have something to say with his violent behavior?

    good episode and i wish it was played more around here. i have not seen it for a while but i do remember it was a pretty good offering from the 8th season of the show. not the best episode but not the worst by a long shot. overall grade for this is in the "B" range for me
  • A jerk moves to the block, but nobody notices beyond the spitshine of a Dallas Cowboy Superbowl ring.

    I liked this episode. It was great to see Kahn and Hank get along, and Dale, of course, was hilarious. "Squirrel tactics!" I loved that. I am glad that they did not use a real Dallas Cowboy, because that guy was a jerk, and the Dallas Cowboys are not jerks. But man, did they make those policemen look stupid. That was not cool. Small town police are not like that. It is good to see Hank acting human, instead of the down home Superman the show makes him out to be. Sometimes he annoys me. Overall, a good episode. Thanks!
  • Actually quite good.

    I know that by the other ratings, this episode wasn't viewed as good. But I have to disagree with the others and say that this was a decent episode and better than others. I especially liked the blindness and stupidity of Hank in the very beginning. He was more concerned with impressing a waste of a football player than keeping his duties as block captain. I certainly thought this was a well written episode with funny moments sprinkled throughout the show. It had decent comedy, plots, and entertainment value. Overall, this was a decent episode and was worth watching for a time. Thank you.
  • The only nice thing about this episode was Kahn and Hank actually working together.

    All I can say about "New Cowboy on the Block" is that it is one of the worst episodes of "King of the Hill" that I have seen.

    Alright, so a washed-up, back-up Cowboys defensive tackle moved to the neighborhood of Hank and his friends and they become immediately awe-struck, especially the normally straight-laced Hank. I found it really out of his character to bend the rules so much even for the jerk of an idol like "Big" Willie Lane.

    Another thing that I didn't like about the storyline of this episode was how the cops took the word of the former football player over the word of Hank; wouldn't they realize that Hank doesn't know how to lie and hates it when other people do?

    However, there is only a few things about the episode that I actually liked: Hank and Kahn teaming up, and eventually with Dale, Boomhauer, and Bill to get "Big" Willie Lane out of the neighborhood, mainly because Hank eventually saw everything Kahn was complaining to him out the new guy on the block was true.

    At least the episode had a decent ending when they were able to make the football player leave.