King of the Hill

Season 8 Episode 3

New Cowboy on the Block

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 16, 2003 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Tagline: "Rock on!"-Hank "Yes, hello. Rock on." -Kahn

      This was actually two separate lines both in response to Willie saying "Rock on" to them. And in fact, Kahn's line came first.

    • Luanne does not appear in this episode.

    • It was mentioned that two of the cops there were off duty. It's one thing for them to bring their uniforms, but if they were off duty, they wouldn't have had police cars.

    • No picture came out of the camera when a picture was taken with Willie and all the cops.

  • Quotes

    • Dale (Hank's about to start his lawn mower early in the morning.): Over Bills' bruised and lacerated body you will. Lie down in front of the mower, Bill.

    • Bobby: Do the new neighbors have any kids my age? Joseph's getting too active. I need someone to sit around and watch TV with.

    • Hank: What happened to you guys? Bill, don't you remember when this was the kind of neighborhood where you could leave your door unlocked and not have someone steal your refrigerator?
      Bill: I've been keeping my food in the tub.

    • Hank: My son is getting a clinic from a Dallas Cowboy. I've always said you had a lot of untapped bulk.
      Bobby: I'm gonna do a push-up!

    • Dale: I cannot believe you met Roger Staubach's pool cleaner.
      Hank: Yep. We played foozeball. He's a great guy. Just a regular guy, I tell you what.

    • Kahn: One good thing about other hillbillies, at least they all pass out by nine o'clock. This guy needs to shut up or get stronger moonshine.

    • Big Willie: Hey, Hank, there's a Cowboys game on later, if you want to come over. And you can bring the guys, they seem pretty cool.
      Hank: See, Peggy? I told you the guys were cool.

    • Kahn: Hey, Country Bear Jamboree! My grandma send me birthday check, but it not in my mailbox. Which one of you take it?
      Hank: Why would we steal your check?
      Kahn: How should I know? Maybe your wife needs new pitchfork!

  • Notes

    • This episode was pre-empted 10 minutes in the eastern and central time zones during its orignial broadcast.

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