King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 7

Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 17, 1998 on FOX

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  • One Pretty Darn Happy Viewer

    This episode is amazing. It has a good plot (what TV show hasn't parodized 12 Angry Men?) and also has a ton of laughs. I like the minister character, and wish he appeared in future episodes. He made for a lot of good laughs. As always Cotton makes an episode that much better, and really pushes Hank's buttons this time. This is a classic episode that everyone who considers themselves a KOTH fan NEEDS to watch!
  • A pretty darn good episode

    The Hills head to the mall to get Christmas shopping done and from there they split up; Hank's group and his dad take part in a lawnmower focus group, Hank's two moms get to know eachother even though the awkwardness from Cotton humiliating Tilly is still in the air, Bobby and Luanne go ice - skating and Peggy has a siesta in a shoe repair place.

    This episode takes a while to find it's feet since it starts with the mortifying dinner, Cotton is a funny character but the things he says and does at the expense of his family are not. Once they get to the mall, it begins.

    Early on, Hank knows that the focus group will not go as he planned; his rival Kahn is there, his father also storms in and on top of all that he realises that the company is introducing a futuristic new mower and they're pushing out Hank's beloved old model. Hank then sets out to prove that old things aren't always useless in reference to his mower and his mother.

    Despite taking place in the same room for a duration of the episode could be a potentially slow plot, it really isn't the smooth comic chemistry between Hank and Kahn and Hank and Cotton as well as Hank's other friends who're always good for a chuckle, the laughs keep coming and to balance out the bevy of regulars, a few one - off characters are thrown in; the lifeless Reverend Hubert (voiced by Billy Bob Thornton), the sleazy car salesman Layne Pretley and even the yuppie moderator, Jonathan.

    No matter what show; a mall setting is usually a buffet of hilarity and it's a shame that they didn't take even a momentary break from the focus group storyline to explore this.

    On King of the Hill; We always know when a joke is coming but it's up to the viewer to interpret what it is as they're many subtle things to keep us laughing, this is contrary to Family Guy where every little gag is given the red carpet treatment. The plot elements mentioned above are only given about a minute each and even then they don't contain anything that memorable but the Peggy - sleeping - in - the - shoe - place running gag is the lone exception. 9 Pretty Darn Angry Men is a strong episode from our favorite Southern Series; like most episodes it is something that you're totally into while watching but once it's over to blink and forget about it.
  • A solid episode

    This is a really intresting episode in several respects. Hanks parents play a major role which is a first as up until now as ussulay they apear seperatley. Cotton is on fine form as usual as are Dale and Bill. There are also some good guest apperances from a salesman and a reverand. There is not much action in theis story based episode so some may find it boring. Most of the episode takes place in one room and features a lot of talking. I however found it refreshing, intresting and delightful. Not a king of the hill favourite but an episode I have certainly revisited time and time again.