King of the Hill

Season 4 Episode 11

Old Glory

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Jan 09, 2000 on FOX

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  • Oh, Say Did You See?

    This is an episode, where had I written a review after the first time I saw it would have said "it was horrible" but since I have seen it a few times, I think it is better then I initially thought. That being said, it is still only an OK episode. There are a few funny moments, but overall, it is just another Peggy trying to be correct episode. If you miss this one, it's not a big deal, but there have been worse episode. At least this one was not boring, even if it wasn't really funny.
  • Is this really what we have come to expect from King of the Hill?

    This was just a weak episode. It started off good. Bill was playing tetherball on the base when he sees that they are about to respectfully retire a flag by burning it. Bill explains his love for that flag in particular and only after he agrees to get a 90ft pole from which to hang it from. Then it just went down hill. Bobby fails an essay assignment and the new sub wrote on the paper “see me” it wasn’t because there was something to discuss she wanted to see if Bobby could read. He comes home upset and so Peggy helps him with his make-up work, but in the end she writes the whole thing. When Bobby receives an “A” on the make-up he takes all the credit, this make Peggy jealous. Since Bobby did so well the others in the class want him to do their work too. Since he didn’t even write his own essay he goes to Peggy’s records to get some hints. When one of the essays that was turned in to the teacher shows up in the newspaper under Peggy's name she tells the two that they must apologies or else she will turn them in to the principle. While trying to make a spectacular show with Bills flag (which they stole) they end up burning, tearing, and soaking it. Bobby and Peggy never got in trouble because the plan of the new sub in the Hill's favor. The one good thing about this episode is the flag it properly disposed of.