King of the Hill

Season 1 Episode 9

Peggy the Boggle Champ

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 13, 1997 on FOX

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  • G-O-O-D!

    Not one of the best ones, but still a very solid episode. The B plot was actually more entertaining then the main plot, but I think it was because the scenes were nice and short. Too much more it would have been boring. I loved the scene where Hank tries to give a pep talk to Peggy. It was hilarious. Also the commercial for the mower show was very accurate to that of a Monster Truck ad. Overall a very entertaining episode, but just not a stand out one, compared to many others in the series (and even this season).
  • good

    peggy realizes how good she is at boggle, so she enters a competition for proffesional boggle players. but she soon gets discouraged because it seems hank does not take an interest in it. will peggy end up winning?

    peggy is not one of my favorite characters and i merely thought this episode fell in the "alright" category. it seems to get kind of boring in the middle and stays that way up until the end. it's not terrible by any means but it isn't really fantastic or anything. overall grade for this episode would be in the low "B" range
  • Who cares about Peggy?

    Peggy Hill is one of my least favorite characters on King of the Hill. She is too brash, cocky, arrogant, and blind for my liking. This episode was very poor, as it wasn't funny and I have to say the only reason I didn't rate it lower was because of my being a fan of the show. Either way, I thought that this was a very boring showing and Peggy can't carry the show if she was the main point. The one thing I liked was Bobby not wanting to play her in a stupid boggle game. Serious stuff. Thank you.
  • very funny episode

    It was hillarius when boby and luanne were at home it remimnded me of risky business. it was funny when they kept trying to fix things but they kept making them worse and worse. Another funny part was when peggy was crying and peggy was trying to comfort him. 'I am so stupid, your not stupid peggy heck your smarter than me, Oh big deal, well your smarter than anyone in arlen, well whoopdee doo i am the smartest hillbilly in hillbilly town. lol. It was good to watch peggy beat sisy in the championship. it was hillarious when they got home and thought boby and luanne were having a party. "come on you've got school tomorrow"
  • Peggy is sent to the big city to compete in the big Boggle tournament. This is the Nationals and who better to win it than Peggy-with-a-Y Hill?

    In Peggy the Boggle Champ we see Hank and Peggy travel to a fabulous, all expenses paid trip (funded by local businesses and the Arlen Boggle Booster Club). When Peggy spouts "Oh Hank, I have dreampt of this moment ever since I reached the ages of 8 and up", Hank realizes that this trip to the big city won't be much fun for him as his friends were planning on meeting him at the nearby Mower Convention. Hank has to decide quickly what's more important to him, his wife or his friends and lawnmowers. As usual Hank does the right thing and makes his wife happy by coming to her side in support of her Boggle competition.
  • When Peggy discovers her interest and skill in the game of Boggle, she enters a tournament in Dallas. She wants Hank to come along as her coach, but he would rather go to a lawn mower convention with the guys.

    It was an okay episode. It wasn\'t bad, but it wasn\'t incredibly funny, either. I\'ve seen better King of the Hill episodes. Perhaps it could have been a little bit funnier, but it was all right I guess. Not horrible, I\'ve seen worse episodes on other TV shows. And I liked the part at the lawn mower convention where Boomhauer was riding the virtual lawn mower, and he was about to run over a virtual rock. And then there was this big, flashy lawn mower, and no one was allowed to take pictures of it with flash photography, but Dale did anyway.