King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 3

Peggy's Headache

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Oct 06, 1998 on FOX
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When Peggy starts writing "musings" for the local newspaper, the pressure gives her a headache, so she goes to John Redcorn for a therapeutic massage. Hank is concerned for her, because of how he treats his clients. Peggy is at first confused, but when she finds out that Dale's wife Nancy is having an affair with John Redcorn, she is so horrified that she decides to tell Dale about it.


Who was the Episode MVP ?


    by Dane Youssef

    I get the message here. I've always suspected that Dale does know--he's just in denial. He's got too sweet a deal with Nancy. And Joseph, too. All the conspiracies he sees... Heh. He's not a very good conspiracy theorist. As when there's a real one going on right there in front of it...

    He can't see it even if there's a huge billboard right there in front of it. When you spend too much time with your head in the clouds... you can't see what's going on right here on Earth. It's not the relationship between Dale and Nancy that's so special. Or the relationship between John and Nancy.

    It's the one between Dale and Joseph... They're kind of soul mates... aren't they?

    --Sincere As Always, Dane Youssefmoreless
  • Luanne's hair??

    Seeing it short in episodes produced prior to after it grew back is one thing, but in an episode produced BEFORE it was burned off?? Someone needs to look into this to see what it's all about. At least the notes section gives a few theories.

    Anyways, a fairly boring episode.
  • Poor Dale

    This is a funny episode about how Peggy finally figures out that John Redcorn and Nancy are having an affair. It shows how naive Peggy really is, and also opens up the debate of, should Hank of already told Dale about his wife? It works as a great comedic piece throughout the whole series, but I think this episode always makes me realize, Hank isn't as great a friend as they often make him out to be, and had it been real life, I think we would be wanting Hank to tell. It wasn't the funniest episode, but it had a good amount of laughs, and I always like when they show how dumb Peggy really is.moreless
  • Peggy's Headache is all about Peggy-with-a-Y Hill and her obliviousness to events in her everyday life. When she comes down with a stress headache (actually hers was caused by thinking too hard), it's John Redcorn to the rescue.moreless

    Peggy really puts her foot in her mouth this time; she decides to take on the challenge of writing a daily column for the newspaper but immediately gets writers block. She hasn't written one column yet, but she just knows the job is hers! Peggy goes to talk to her good friend Nancy about her difficulties and somehow ends up scheduling her very own "healing" session with none other than John Redcorn. When Hank finds out, he really loses his cool.


    The funniest part of all this is the fact that Peggy still doesn't know what's going on between John and Nancy behind Dale's back. Hank literally has to spell it out to her, pointing out Joseph as a solid example of how naive she's been all these many years. This revelation of infidelity has set Peggy on the warpath with her very best friend. Tune in to watch the sparks fly.moreless
Mike Judge

Mike Judge

Voice of Hank Hill, Boomhauer

Kathy Najimy

Kathy Najimy

Voice of Peggy Hill

Pamela Adlon

Pamela Adlon

Voice of Bobby Hill

Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy

Voice of Luanne Platter

Johnny Hardwick

Johnny Hardwick

Voice of Dale Gribble

Stephen Root

Stephen Root

Voice of Bill Dauterive, Buck Strickland

Lauren Tom

Lauren Tom

Voice of Minh Souphanousinphone

Recurring Role

Ashley Gardner

Ashley Gardner

Voice of Nancy Hicks Gribble

Recurring Role

Jonathan Joss

Jonathan Joss

Voice of John Redcorn

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • When Dale is leaving for work and John Redcorn is coming up the walk, Dale locks at least four or five deadbolts on the door. But when John Redcorn uses his keys, there is only the regular doorknob lock.

    • Tagline: "Pe-he-ggy Hill." -John Redcorn

    • When Peggy finds out about Nancy and John Redcorn it shows him working on what looks like Hank's fence. Hank wouldn't ever let him do that!

    • The musings that Peggy has on her notepad that she scratched off are:
      -Lots of cookies will make you fat.
      -Thank goodness for plexiglass.
      -Sunburn: too much of a good thing.
      -Nothing is dirt cheap because dirt is free.
      -Give a donkey the chance and it will bite you in the ass

    • After John Redcorn enters the Gribble house at the very beginning of the episode, you can hear the song "Can't Get Enough" by Bad Company. When Peggy goes knocking to find Nancy and sees John Redcorn and Nancy together you can hear the song "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights" by Meatloaf. The song Peggy sings when she comes home from her session with John Redcorn is "Everything is Beautiful" by Ray Stevens.

  • QUOTES (7)

    • Dale: Your wife loves me and wants us to run off together. I've not yet been able to ascertain where.
      Hank: Dale-
      Dale: No problemo on this end. I don't even find her attractive.
      Hank: Of course you do, and I appreciate the lie, but Peggy's just being nice to you. But you're a good friend for wanting to tell me. Uh, Dale, if the shoe were on the other foot would you want to know?
      Dale: Don't flatter yourself, Hank. Nancy likes her men thin and pale of face. I thank G-d every day for sending me an angel with the hots for my track team physique.

    • Peggy (after the doorbell rings and she answers it): Why, Dale. How nice to see you.
      Dale: I can't find Hank, Bill or Boomhauer. If they are hiding behind the door just nod slowly.
      Peggy: Oh, you sweet man. You know, I have been thinking a lot about you. We never get to talk, you and I. Why is that? Anyway, Nancy should count herself lucky to have a man like you.
      Just look at you and how that .. hat accents your... head. Plenty of women would be happy to have you. Good, good women. Would you like to come in for some pie?
      Dale: (nervous) I should go.
      Bill: Hey, Dale, what's going on?
      Dale: Oh, not much. Peggy hill wants to leave Hank and run away with me.
      Bill: I don't believe it. Why, they had a fairy-book marriage.

    • Peggy: Oh, I just cannot believe that I could be so stupid. How could you not tell me what was going on in my own side yard?!?!
      Hank: I thought you knew. How could you not know? I mean, look at Joseph. Where do you think he came from?
      Peggy: Nancy told me Dale had a Jamaican grandmother.

    • Peggy: Oh, hi, Hank.
      Hank: Uh, hey, Peggy. I guess dinner will be a little late tonight, huh?
      Peggy: Yep. I just had a headache session with John Redcorn. He lit some sweet grass, and then I drifted off. The next thing I knew, if felt fan-freakin'-tastic.
      Hank: Well, good, your headache's gone. I guess you're all done with John freaking Redcorn.
      Peggy: No, this is just the beginning. I have already scheduled another treatment for next week.
      Hank: Peggy, I don't know how some guy rubbing your neck helps your head. I mean, what's the connection?
      Peggy: Ooh, my reporter's instincts tell me someone's a little grumpy without his dinner.
      (gasps) I-I just got my first musing: "My husband calls me his better half because I 'better half' dinner on the table when he gets home". I'm going to go write that up while it's still fresh.

    • Peggy (whale songs playing on tape during the massage): The whales sing of joy and sorrow of gain and loss-- like Leann Rimes.

    • Peggy: Minh, I have to tell you something. Nancy is having an affair.
      Minh: She's cheating on John Redcorn?
      Peggy: How'd you know about that?
      Minh: Took me about five minutes. Wait, Peggy Hill not know? I have to tell someone - Ooh, I'll e-mail Kahn!

    • Peggy: (After finally finding out about John and Nancy's affair) Does Dale know?
      Hank: No, he's as slow as you.

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode's production code, shows that this episode was produced for last season. So either they never animated it, or changed the animation because Luanne's hair is short because of the explosion in "Propane Boom (1)".

    • This episode reveals that Peggy never knew about John Redcorn and Nancy, although everyone thought she did.