King of the Hill

Season 8 Episode 12

Phish and Wildlife

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Feb 22, 2004 on FOX



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  • Quotes

    • Bobby: Maybe it's just like you said: to catch a fish, you have to think like a fish. We just have to think like hippies.
      Hank: That is impossible.
      Bobby: Come on, Dad, just try. Okay: I'm a hippie, and I'm naked because I smoked all my clothes.
      Hank: Yeah. And I don't like to work.
      Bobby: Right. I like everything handed to me. I'm just like a kid.

    • Hank: Dangit, if I have to pull one more hook out of Bill!

    • Bill: I use my survival training every day. Being alone in the woods prepared me for being alone everywhere else.

    • (Hank and Bobby are watching Bill drive off with the hippies)
      Bobby: Will we ever see Mr. Dauterive again?
      Hank: Not until around the 15th. That's when he has to report back to work or he's AWOL.

    • Bobby: Dad, I ate hippie gumbo!!
      Hank: (horrified) What?!

    • (Bill is counting fish they caught during the first day of the camping trip)
      Bill: That's three for me, three for Dale, and four for Boomhauer.
      Dale: ...And nadda for Bobby. And since this is an "eat what you catch only" trip, Bobby will be dining on filet of zero!
      Hank: (sighs) Shut up, Dale!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The hat that Bill is wearing is the "Cat in the Hat" hat, which is a famous Dr. Suess character, from a book of the same name.

    • One of the stickers on Hank's truck at the end says: "What Would Jerry Do?" which is a play on "What Would Jesus Do?"

    • The Gathering:
      This episode takes some cheap shots at the Rainbow Gathering, a real event in which real people, many of them very hippy-like, gather in a National Forest each year (it was in Texas in 1988), create a money-free counter-culture for a few weeks, say "Welcome Home" and "I Love You" a lot, dig their own latrines, provide for their own water, and clean up after themselves.