King of the Hill

Season 1 Episode 12

Plastic White Female

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 11, 1997 on FOX

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  • Heads Will Roll

    This is a pretty good episode, although considering it was the season finale it wasn't as good as it should have been. I think the plot is great and it contains my all time favourite quote "nobody cares Bill". It was overall a decent episode, and had some really good funny moments, but it wasn't anything special and definitely not one of the best of the season or series. Worth a watch though, as it does start the Connie/Bobby story arc.
  • great

    bobby is invited to his first boy-girl party, and is excited, until he learns they are going to be playing spin the bottle. is bobby ready for such an activity? maybe not yet, but with some help of a plastic head he has been using from luann...

    pretty good episode, it is kind of boring in some parts but overall a really good episode i think, a pretty good offering from the show's first season, my overall grade for this episode would be in the "B" range or so because like i said, it is kind of boring in parts
  • This episode

    This episode brings us into the world of Alrlen, Texas where Hank has the heavy responsibility of educating the general public about propane and propane accessories. Dale shows us how perceptive he really is about all the neighborhood goings on, despite his time-consuming job of uncovering government sponsored conspiracies and his highly successful extermination enterprise. Boomhauer is as easy or hard to understand as usual and Bill begins to show some oddities, like using the Hill home address for his mail personal mail and his over-eagerness to grovel and help anybody in sight; he's a lonely divorcee. **SPOILERS**
    This episode highlights the fact theat Luanne can't seem to compete with the intellectuals populating her beauty school classroom; though she is working to the best of her abilities. She comes home and attempts to practice on everything on two legs but encounters some resistance from Hank, he really has a serious hang-up about his hair; his appearance directly affects his propane salemanship. The subplot shows young Bobby Hill stressing about his first boy-girl party and coming up with his own very disturbing soutions.
  • Wouldn't it be nice?

    This is not only an early King Of The Hill episode, but one of the first ones I ever saw, at about midnight in a hotel in summer 2008. Let me just say that seeing it again this year was so awesome. Season 1 KOTH has a bizarre, washed out feel that clearly shows how old it is (my sister was like, "when was this made??"); even two of the house room have completely different colors!

    Anyways, Joseph invites Bobby to his birthday which will have girls at it. Bobby is all nervous about it and practices being a boyfriend with a plastic head Luanne is using for practicing her desired job of cutting hair. Hank, of course, is uncomfortable with it and puts it away, and later destroys it! But then, on the day of the party, Connie gives Bobby some confidence by kissing him! I won't ruin the ending, but I'll just say it's unlike any KOTH ending you've ever seen!
  • It had some funny moments.

    I actually thought this was a solid episode of King of the Hill. It kept me entertained for a half hour and it was really funny. It had a decent plot and the comedy was good. I think that Bobby was the funniest in this episode and he stole the show with his hilarious antics. My favorite part of the show was when Bobby was making out with a plastic head. It was really funny when he was caught red-handed. It made me laugh and it was a good, clever idea. I have to say that this was a decent episode. Thank you.