King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 16

Pour Some Sugar on Kahn

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Mar 30, 2008 on FOX

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  • Pour Some Laughs On It

    This episode is very disappointing compared to the brilliance that was the previous one. It wasn't very funny, and was pretty boring. General Gum reminds me of Cotton, only if Cotton was annoying and not funny. It did have some moments of humour, but not enough to save this episode. Another Kahn centred one that was boring, so no surprise there. Also, when did Kahn become a decent singer? He has always had a horrible voice. I know it's only a cartoon, but I've always gotten annoyed when shows have changed the skills or even personalities of a character just to fit a script. Maybe I am continuity OCD, but still. I am not going to give this a horrible rating because some moments, mostly Bill and Dale, did make it tolerable.
  • Kahn is dismayed when Minh's father comes to stay with them, but finds solace in karoake, at least until the General steals Kahn's signature song.

    While this episode has its ups and downs, overalll it's a funny episode, and introduces Minh's father, General Gum, who rivals Kahn's mother (seen in the seventh season episode "Maid in Arlen") as the most overbearing parent. It was nice to see some character development this season for Kahn, who has been in too few episodes - other than "The Minh Who Knows Too Much," he really hasn't been one of the primary characters, usually getting a few lines, and even in that episode it was more about Minh and Dale.

    We also are treated to an appearance by Ted Wassonasong when Kahn finds him in the karaoke bar. Kahn begins confiding in Ted, who quickly tells him to "save it for the stage". He is quickly becoming an Arlen staple with his dry wit and condescension.

    The B-story keeps this episode from being spectacular. Peggy and Bobby competing for "bragging rights" made me smile a little at the beginning, it quickly became irritating. The only time it really tied into the main storyline was when Peggy and Bobby bet that Kahn will go back to being his arrogant, condescending self once the General leaves, and even then it wasn't nearly as funny as the writers probably hoped.