King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 4

Pregnant Paws

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Oct 13, 1998 on FOX

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  • Decent

    This episode isn't great. It has a decent plot, and is entertaining, but not a ton of laughs. I would have to say the B plot line is way better than the A plot line, but the A one is still good. Hank gets obsessed with breeding Ladybird and will stop at nothing to get it to happen. I can understand why Peggy would misinterpret what Hank was doing, which makes me sympathize with her character, which I hate doing, haha. I like this episode is it is a nice set up to the next one which is hilarious.
  • Hank Hill, in this episode, is a stupid hypocrite.

    In this episode, Hank finally decides to make his beloved dog, Ladybird, a mommy. Conveniently, his boss can help. However, Ladybird cannot give birth due to a contrived reason that is suppose to make a connection between her and Hank. The rest of the episode mostly focuses on Hank being a hypocrite; willing to do things on Ladybird that he previously called: unethical. And there a throwaway scene that further shows Hank as a homophone; complete with stereotypical gay guys. At the end, Hank reveals the only reason why he is doing all this is because he wants to give Bobby a brother. He was able to make Bobby when Ladybird arrived. He could've gotten another puppy instead, but then there wouldn't be a plot for this episode.

    And as for the B-story, Dale becomes a bounty hunter. Samus Aran, he isn't. He took a weak BS four hour course, makes obvious mistakes, and has an anticlimactic ending with him watching TV with a carbon copy of himself. Although this does play into the main plot, it is contrived nonetheless.

    The same is true with the C-plot featuring Bill and Bobby.

    I've seen better episodes of King of the Hill, and I've seen worse. This episode is just meh.
  • This episode we relive the life and times of Ladybird's history with the Hill family. Hank has decided to let "his little girl" start dating and we end up in the vet's office discussing why Ladybird is having trouble concieving.

    In this episode we see that Bill is and excellent storyteller and Ladybird truly is a bonafide member of the Hill family. The story starts out on the lawn, where Peggy walks Ladybird out in public wearing Hank's old undershorts (because she's in heat)to Hank's shock and chagrin. Seems that Hank wants Ladybird to be a mother now and he goes to Mr. Strickland for assistance since he also has purebred Georgia Bloodhounds in his home. Meanwhile, Dale attends a four hour course on being a bounty hunter and now believes he's ready to hunt the "ultimate prey". Peggy gets jealous of Ladybird, Bill eats doggie biscuits and Dale kidnapps the hound for his own purposes. Tune in for all the twists and turns.
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