King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 9

Pretty, Pretty Dresses

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Dec 15, 1998 on FOX

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  • Focussing on Bill\'s depression

    Though it\'s been strongly hinted at before, this is the first episode to deal with Bill\'s depression in a big way. Bill is acting even sadder this year than usual, and keeps getting stranger and stranger. Finally, Hank discover a ladder missing from his garage. He finds Bill with it, and Bill casually mentions that he\'s going to kill himself. Hank, Dale, and Boomhaur take turns watching Bill to make sure he doesn\'t. Disturbingly, Hank views this as a mere annoyance and waits for Bill to \"get over it\", and Dale doesn\'t care whether Bill kills himself or not and actually seems eager to take Bill\'s stuff after he\'s dead. Hank realizes that Bill still puts out Lenore\'s Christmas presents he was going to give her on their last Christmas together. In anger, Hank yells at Bill and tells him that this is Bill\'s problem- Bill needs to stop putting out the presents because she\'s not coming back and she doesn\'t want this stuff.
    Bill\'s mind snaps and he starts to pretend that he actually is Lenore. This part is actually funny, and if it hasn\'t been said, Stephen Root is a fantastic actor to pull off a hilarious performance like Bill speaking in that falsetto while still projecting such sadness. Bill humiliates Hank at a party by acting like Lenore, and when everything else fails, Hank puts on a dress and acts as Lenore to get Bill to act like Bill again. As Lenore, Hank tells Bill that Lenore\'s not coming back and she doesn\'t love him anymore. This gives the closure on their relationship that has been lacking all this time (since she just ran off one day). This may not be the most laugh out loud episode of KOTH, but if you like episode that show in-depth studies of the characters, this is a great show.