King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 9

Pretty, Pretty Dresses

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Dec 15, 1998 on FOX

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  • This episode should have been simply titled "Lenore". There are too many times to count when her name is mentioned, which is what makes this show funny..."Why do you keep calling me Bill?"

    An excellent in-depth character study in the life of Hank Hill's neighbor, Bill Dauterive, who is hopelessly depressed over the loss of his ex-wife, Lenore, that he names his pet iguana after her and even goes as far as to dress like her at a Christmas party hosted by Hank. Though suicide is usually not something to laugh at, Bill's half-hearted attempts are similar to those employed by Moe the bartender on "The Simpsons". This belongs in KOTH's Top Ten Best Episode list, alongside "A Firefighting We Will Go" and "Bobby Goes Nuts". After having seen this, one can only ponder: Why isn't there a town called Lenore, Texas?
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