King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 9

Pretty, Pretty Dresses

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Dec 15, 1998 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • When Bobby is serving his parents breakfast, the tray he's holding has two eggs on it and Peggy's plate is empty. After Hank finishes talking, we see all three of them and there are now two eggs on Peggy's plate and a third one on the tray.

    • When Bobby is putting food on the plates at breakfast, he is shown to have 3 eggs and 3 slices of bacon, which he places on Hank and Peggys plates, leaving only 1 slice of bacon, but when Hank is saying "Shame on you, shame on you both.", Bobby is shown to have 1 egg and 3 slices of bacon.

    • Tagline: "Why do you keep calling me Bill?" -Bill

    • This episode shows that the Hills have a mailbox, but they usually don't. This is the second time it has shown them with one.

    • The scene where Hank puts Bill to bed, Bill doesn't have his arm brace on.

    • During the opening theme there are jingle bells playing.

    • After Hank returns Bill's iguana, Lenore, to him, it is never seen again.

    • When Bill is reminding Bobby of his ex-girlfriend; from the front all Bobby has on his plate is a small amount of red stuff but from the back he has large amounts of brown food.

    • Luanne refers to "Buckley's Angel" in this episode, even though Buckley's Angel has not yet appeared on the show. This is due to the episodes being shown out of production order.

  • Quotes

    • (Bill has snapped and begun dressing up as 'Lenore', driving everyone crazier than he did simply as himself)
      Peggy: How about I invite the real Lenore to the party and just settle this thing once and for all?
      Luanne: Oh, I hope it works!! But... if they show up in the same dress, it'll be a disaster.

    • Bill: Hank, I had a nightmare. I dreamt that Lenore came back and took Lenore. And they both drove off and I was running down the street yelling "Lenore! Lenore!" and then my teeth fell out. Peggy you were there.

    • Hank: (Walks outside his house and catches Dale stealing Bill's TV) DALE that's Bill's TV!
      Dale: He would of wanted me to have it.
      Hank: Bill is still alive!
      Dale: Well not by much.

    • Hank: Dale what are you wearing?
      Dale: Nothing.
      Hank: (unbuttons Dale's shirt) Those are Bill's pajama tops.
      Dale: He's as good as dead, what difference does it make?

    • Hank: How about a beer?
      Bill: Beer's a depressant, Hank.
      Hank: Don't go blaming the beer.

    • (After Bill brings Lenore the iguana to dinner)
      Peggy: That iguana is a cry for help. A hissing, disease-ridden cry for help.

    • (To Hank as Lenore)
      Bill: So that's it? You just gonna go and walk out? But you didn't even give me a Dear John letter and I think that I deserve a Dear John letter! So you go on! You get out! You don't deserve William Delature Ala Fontane Dauterive!
      Hank: Ok, fine.(Takes off dress) There. Lenore is gone for good.

    • (Hank notices his ladder is missing)
      Hank: WHAT THE? WHERE'S MY TEN-FOOTER? DAMMIT, DALE! Or Bill! Probably Dale.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The episode title, Pretty Pretty Dresses, may be an allusion towards a quote made by Bill in the earlier episode The Son That Got Away. Bill mentions, "My daddy used to punish me by tellin' me I was a girl. He used to make me wear dresses...pretty, pretty dresses."

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