King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 23

Propane Boom (1)

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 17, 1998 on FOX

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  • Hank is forced to work at the Mega Lo Mart after he looses his job. then, there is a propane leak...

    When the Mega Lo Mart starts selling propane, Buck is forced to close down Strickland Propane. Meanwhile, Luanne needs money to stay in beauty school. Buckley wont help her. Hank takes a job selling propane at his least favorite store, the Mega Lo Mart. Soon, Luanne says she is going to break up with Hanks' boss, Buckley. Hank and his fellow workers plan to disrupt a Chuck Manganoe concert on the day Luanne is going to break up with Buckley. When the day comes, Hank is in the back of the store while Luanne breaks up with Buckley. Buckley, instead of carrying the propane tanks, dragged them, he cause a gas leak. Then, the whole Mega Lo Mart blows up wit Buckley, Luanne, and Hank in it.
  • In a special cliffhanger episode, Hank is hired at the local Mega Lo Mart after the Arlen branch of Strickland Propane is driven out of business. Hank, Luanne and Buckley are trapped in Mega Lo Mart when a gas leak causes it to explode. Who will survive?

    A fantastic cliffhanger ending to the second season of King of the Hill. In this episode, Mega Lo Mart begin to sell propane at a price which Strickland simply cannot compete with. So Hank Hill\'s years as assistant manager have been proven redundant, and Peggy is forced to be the breadwinner of the family. (\"Not that you\'re the breadloser. We\'re all winners here!\")

    In desperation to get his revenge on the Mega Lo Mart, Hank signs up to work as Buckley\'s assistant at the propane sector at the Mega Lo Mart.

    There\'s some amusing rivalry between Luanne and Hank as Luanne vied for the job with Buckley, but ultimately failed. (\"They\'ll never hire you!\" \"UNCLE HANK!\")

    What better way to expose Mega Lo Mart\'s exploitation of small businesses than to boycott the promotional Chuck Mangione concert at Mega Lo Mart? (\"Uh... is that their new slogan?\") But unfortunately Buckley\'s poor carriage of a propane tank causes it to leak and explode, leaving Hank, Luanne and Buckley helplessly trapped inside the department store.

    Who will survive? I guess I\'ll have to wait and see in the third season of King of the Hill when its released on DVD here in Australia. :-)
  • Propane Boom puts Luanne's Buckley in the spotlight for one of his biggest roles yet in the series. Hank really hates the Mega-Lo-Mart and shows it at any given opportunity; though he continues to shop there...

    Propane Boom is an episode about what happens when Hank no longer brings home the proverbial bacon. The super cheap Mega-Lo-Mart puts Strickland Propane in serious trouble when they start selling propane. The same thing happpens to a lot of Mom & Pop type stores in the community, Mega-Lo-Mart is putting them all out of business and everyone continues to "feed the beast" regardless. Peggy's insensitive comments about Hank's failure at work don't really help the situation get any easier for all involved. Even the bait shop owner ends up working for the conglomerate. Hank organizes the old guys working at the Mega-Lo-Mart to disrupt the public event outside the store and things get a little crazy that night. Tune in for the full story.
  • Great episode.

    I liked this episode very much because of the hilarious bits here and there and also because of the storylines. Hank had to find a new job because of Mega Lo Mart started selling propane. He ended up working there and hated it. Luanne wanted to break up with Buckley but found it hard to do. Hank planned on bringing Mega Lo Mart down with some fellow workers. Buckley wound up blowing the store up with Hank and Luanne inside. The episode was well written and also very entertaining and funny. I think it is one of the better episodes of the series. Thank you.
  • superb

    mega lo mart starts selling propane at dirt cheap prices, and strickland propane cannot compete. so, hank loses his job and needs employment. he gets a job at mega lo mart, despite the fact he hates it there. he becomes so frustrated, him and a few other employees plan to ruin a chuck mangione concert. however, luanne's boyfriend, buckley, makes a mistake that blows up the mega lo mart, with buckley, luann, and hank inside. on this cliffhanger, the episode, and the second season, end.

    good episode and one of my personal favorites of the series, despite my B+ as a grade. Really good episode
  • This Was The Bomb!

    One of the best episodes of the entire series, and a good knock at Wal Mart, which this store is obviously a reference to. It has a lot of funny moments and quotes, (Hank throwing the sandwich at Luanne is a classic) and actually has a very good plot line. All the characters have really funny parts and help keep the plot line moving. Cartoons don't usually do well with two-parters but this one is able to keep the momentum going the whole time. I really like how they take a fairly realistic approach to a very real issue in the business of retail, but are able to find humour as well. Fantastic Episode, and a great way to end a season.