King of the Hill

Season 2 Episode 23

Propane Boom (1)

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 17, 1998 on FOX

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  • In a special cliffhanger episode, Hank is hired at the local Mega Lo Mart after the Arlen branch of Strickland Propane is driven out of business. Hank, Luanne and Buckley are trapped in Mega Lo Mart when a gas leak causes it to explode. Who will survive?

    A fantastic cliffhanger ending to the second season of King of the Hill. In this episode, Mega Lo Mart begin to sell propane at a price which Strickland simply cannot compete with. So Hank Hill\'s years as assistant manager have been proven redundant, and Peggy is forced to be the breadwinner of the family. (\"Not that you\'re the breadloser. We\'re all winners here!\")

    In desperation to get his revenge on the Mega Lo Mart, Hank signs up to work as Buckley\'s assistant at the propane sector at the Mega Lo Mart.

    There\'s some amusing rivalry between Luanne and Hank as Luanne vied for the job with Buckley, but ultimately failed. (\"They\'ll never hire you!\" \"UNCLE HANK!\")

    What better way to expose Mega Lo Mart\'s exploitation of small businesses than to boycott the promotional Chuck Mangione concert at Mega Lo Mart? (\"Uh... is that their new slogan?\") But unfortunately Buckley\'s poor carriage of a propane tank causes it to leak and explode, leaving Hank, Luanne and Buckley helplessly trapped inside the department store.

    Who will survive? I guess I\'ll have to wait and see in the third season of King of the Hill when its released on DVD here in Australia. :-)