King of the Hill

Season 7 Episode 20

Racist Dawg

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM May 04, 2003 on FOX

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  • Ladybird is accused of being racist.

    It appears as if Hanks dog Ladybird may be racist after she attacks a black plumber. Hank learns that if a dog is racist the owner may be so he takes a test, which he fails. Hank knows that neither he nor Ladybird is racist so he sets out to prove it. When Ladybird almost attacks a white plumber, Hank realizes she doesnt hate black people, she hates plumbers. Hank takes Ladybird and explains it to Mack, the black plumber. Ladybird is nice to him since he isnt working on plumbing.
  • superb

    hank is frustrated and must call a black repairman. ladybird seems angry and bits the man, and when word gets out, everyone thinks ladybird is racist. things only get worse when people soon actually suspect hank is the racist one, and think that maybe he commanded ladybird to attack the black repairman. can hank prove he is not racist, or is he?

    good episode with a pretty good plot on the topic of racism. it was pretty good and i really liked it. my overall grade for this episode would be in the high "B" Range. a good episode methinks
  • When a black repairman gets bitten by Ladybird, she is accused of being a racist but things turn out worse when everyone thinks Hank is a racist

    Hank fails to install the new valve on the water heater correctly, and it causes a leak, leaving Peggy to wake up with Bill hovering over her on the front lawn. Not wanting any further complications, Peggy hires Mack, an African American repairman. Ladybird attacks Mack, and he accuses her of being a racist dog and quits. When a dog trainer tells him that Ladybird subconsciously follows Hank's lead, everyone accuses Hank of being racist, too. As much I love this show and it's okay if you all enjoyed this episode but I honestly did not like this episode at all. Now the plot with the whole racism wasn't bad and could've been better if it weren't for problems that angered me big time. I did not laugh once at this episode, not one single moment made me laugh. Dale's (who rarely appeared in this episode) one line gave me a chuckle and I kinda got a chuckle at the very beginning of the episode as well but they weren't laughs though. This episode just angered me to no end and really bugged me. I did like Bernie Mac as the voice as the black repairman and he was enjoyable character BUT I just didn't like how Hank is accused of being a racist because everyone thinks Ladybird got it from Hank. I just hated everything about this episode. I hated how Hank took the racist test and failed miserably and because of that, everyone just gets angry at Hank. Peggy took the racist test and passed it and it made me angry how she told Hank that the test was stupid but once she passed it, she said "The tests are always right". That's another thing, I really hated Peggy in this episode and was absolutely no support to Hank whatsoever and she even gave Hank the angry look just like everyone else. Like really? I felt bad for poor Hank and no one was taking his side or saying "I don't think you're a racist" and stay by his side. Peggy was a horrible wife in this episode because she should be smart enough to know that Hank isn't a racist but she had to be stupid and irritating here. I think I've proven my point. Words just can't describe on how much I hated this episode and that's my opinion on this episode. the ending was kinda nice I guess but it doesn't save my score not even a little because of how frustrated pretty much the entire episode made me. Overall, I love this show but it's one of the most frustrating, boring, and awful episodes of "King of the Hill" that I have ever seen. 1/10
  • Racism is NOT cool.

    The first half of this episode was only OK. I wasn't bored, but it just wasn't funny. But the second half was actually extremely funny, especially the doll scene, and the scene where Hank and Peggy are talking while Ladybird is attacking the repair man in the background. I do agree with the one reviewer about how annoying it was that everyone, even Peggy so easily believed he was a racist. Most of them have known Hank for many years, and yet one incident and they accuse him of being racist. If Ladybird had bit two or three black people that is one thing, but he only bit the one, and that really isn't much to go on. I agree that Peggy was really annoying, not only with her hamburger comment ("I know it is (good)"), but also her lack of support. You know if it was the other way she'd be upset Hank wasn't supporting/believing her. I mean, look at the Randy Travis episode. Outside of that, humour wise it was overall very good, if only there were a few laughs at the beginning.