King of the Hill

Season 12 Episode 6

Raise the Steaks

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 18, 2007 on FOX

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  • Organic Episode.

    This episode is not the best of Season 12, which has been a pretty good season overall up to this point. That being said, it had some good laughs and is a good plot line. I did find it started to drag and the second half is pretty boring. It seems like, half way through the jokes stopped, and it was just about saving the organic aspect of the store. It is one of those episodes that is much funnier the first time, but after seeing it multiple times, it loses its humour and charm. I also think it was a bit uncharacteristic for Hank to take the live stock like that. It seems to unplanned for someone like Hank, and as touching as the ending was, it seemed super rush. Overall it is a decent episode, and worth checking out, but it's probably not one that you can watch over and over and still be as entertained.
  • One of the best episodes of Season 12

    This is one of my favorite "King of the Hill" episodes and it's one of the best episodes of Season 12. Hank looking for some good steak after the last steak felt a little too rough. He sees Appleseed at the store and Appleseed's suggestion was that Hank visits the town co-op in search of better meat. Everyone falls in love with the delicious organic food. Hank learns that Mego Lo Mart buys the town co-op store and they free the cows from the farm and put them in Hank's backyard as a farm. There were some funny parts in this episode as well such as "Off to Yoga" sign and Hank getting all of the cows in his backyard was hilarious. It was also funny when the cow was drinking from Kahn's swimming pool. There were a couple of more funny parts as well. Kahn reports Hank having the cows to the police but Appleseed got all of the cows out of Hank's backyard safely before the police saw them. The ending was also very sweet when Hank got a letter from Appleseed at the new farm about the new born calf and Appleseed named the calf "Hank". Overall, this is one of my favorite "King of the Hill" episodes and it's one of the best episodes of Season 12. 10/10
  • A pretty good episode overall.

    Mega-lo Mart starts selling bad steaks which leads Hank to a hippie store. Hank soon enjoys the store and becomes a member. He is enjoying the new good steaks but then he has to start working at the shop, helping the workers settle their profit problems. When Mega-lo Mart buys out the store, Hank and Appleseed steal some cows and chickens to raise themselves. Kahn calls the police on Hank and Appleseed flees with the cows. Hank has to go back to bad steaks, but he gets a letter in the mail from "The Farm" and inside is a picture of Appleseed on a farm with a baby cow. Appleseed has written on the picture, I named him Hank!
  • Hef Hef Horay!

    As this episode opens, the family is having trouble eating the steaks, so Hank went down to the food coop and fell in love with no only with the store, but with the people inside. It's pure heaven to him. Hank explain how to run the store to the people who are afraid of profit and strange costumers make them uneasy. I like this episode bacause Hank has been introduced to another world. A world he never knew existed. A co-op store. The ending was a bit silly with the cows are runing up and down Hank's lawn. Another plus for a series that refuse to die.
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