King of the Hill

Season 8 Episode 2

Reborn To Be Wild

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Nov 09, 2003 on FOX

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  • Jesus Rocks! And So Does This Episode.

    This is a really good episode which pins new school vs. old school. Growing up in a church with a lot of old school people who think you can't be a Christian with tattoos and piercings and such I can relate a lot to this episode. I think they did a great job of handling it. I like how they showed that you can do whatever you want as long as it pleases Him, but that it also needs to really be about Him and not just because its cool. I think there are some people who are gonna think Hank is just being a stickler, and to a degree he is. But I loved the ending scene with Bobby which explains his reasoning. I also think getting Gene Simmons (who's nickname is the Devil) to play a Christian man is genius. Not only did I enjoy the plot, it was also extremely funny, especially the B Plot. Overall a great episode!
  • Hank Hill

    King of the Hill is like a fine wine, it gets better with age. When the series first appeared i was not interested, but the older i get, the more i appreciate all the episodes. Mike Judge lays down a very strong foundation, that has a unique sense of stabilization that our society is in dire need of. Family that adheres to value, for better or worse. We need another series like this for different demographics.
  • great

    hank makes bobby join a local church youth group, lead by a skateboarder named pastor k. at first, hank is pleased with the results, but later does not like how bobby is acting and forbids him from seeing pastor k. what will happen when bobby sneaks out of the house?

    good episode but like others it seems to get kind of boring in the last half, at least to me. it started off pretty strong but the last act or so was kind of boring for me. overall my grade for this episode is somewhere in the "B" range methinks
  • Hank takes on the New Christians...

    When Bobby starts getting carried away by his love of hard rock, Hank takes him to the church counselor. When the counselor recommends Bobby join an after school youth group, Hank is all for it until it turns out the group's take on Christianity is not the same as the old-time religion that Hank believes in.

    This is a great episode, maybe one of the very best in the whole series. It uses broad strokes to paint the way Christianity is being marketed to today's kids. Bobby even gets a new, "Extreme Bible" from the youth group leader. In the end, Hank takes Bobby out of the group because he feels that their views on religion are counter to what he wants his son to learn. The explanation at the end sort of says it all.

    Like so many others, this episode of King of the Hill ends up in a way where Hank's everyday values triumph. A lot of parents could learn from the way Hank takes charge when he sees an influence on his son's life he doesn't approve of. Great show, with a lot of laughs - I give it a 9.5.
  • An average episode.

    I didn't really care much for this episode. I think that it was a bit of an insult to the religion of Christianity. It was kind of painful to watch in some areas because I knew exactly what was going to happen. I did not care for the storyline of Bobby trying to be hip. H e is very easy to sway and Hank is right. But either way, it was a bit boring to watch and the writing seemed okay, but the comedy was not there. Overall, it was fairly entertaining and it wasn't bad at all. It was just okay. Thank you.
  • Well Amen!

    This has to be one of the best King of the Hill episodes I have seen yet! I liked it when Bobby thought he was about to be jumped. I at first did not think those boys were the youth group. People may not expect this from a Catholic, but we have been known to do new-age praising of the Lord. We have youth bibles and go to youth convention, (kind of like Messiah fest.) We even have Mass at Busch Gardens. And as for Bobby's 'Satin Sucks' shirt, I do not believe that message, wile true, should be proclaimed on a t-shirt. Though I have seen other messages that are similar on shirts before. ie: Exposure to the Son prevents burning. I think upbeat religious songs are good for teenagers. The old warhorses get boring after a while. I really have to say I disagree with Hanks strict way of teaching Bobby religion. That's not to say Bobby should have pierced his ear or gotten that tattoo. That to me is a little extreme. Go J.C.!
  • I liked it for one time I got to see Bobby act cool.

    It was neat that they actually not act like a complete idiot. Even though I hate rock I would have to say that bobby acted allot cooler in this episode than he has ever in the past. I would love to see whe he gets in a fight he act like a 4 year old. But I guess he just acts that way cause his dad is so strict. In this episode Bobby joined a group of kids that had a rock star as a pasture and he taught the kids all the cool ways to pray to god. But then when he started dressing like a teenager and acting closer to dad his dad started to get suspicious then he saw Bobby drawing a picture of what he wanted his tatoo to look like. So he went to talk to the pasture and he told Hank that he taught the ways of god a different way than the other pastures. Then he went home and found Bobby with his ear pierced and he told him that he can't perform at the Jesus party or what ever they called it I can't remember. So of course Bobby went anyways and Hank had to pull him off stage. Then he had a conversation with the pasture and he took Bobby home. I thought it was an ok episode but it was different to finaly see Bobby do something other than being a little kid.