King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 21

Revenge of the Lutefisk

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 20, 1999 on FOX

Episode Recap

When the new Minister of Hank's church is a woman, it is an adjustment for a few. After Hank sizes her up, he decides that she is worthy, Cotton is still unsure, of course. On the Sunday that she begins, there is a Pot-Luck lunch to get acquainted. Reverend Stroup prepares a fish dish, called Lutefisk. Most of the people shy away from it, it stinks, except for Bobby.

Bobby grabs the pan of Lutefisk, and hides under the table, finishing it all off by himself. Reverend Stroup is hurt, she can't seem to find where all her dish went. She assumes that someone that doesn't like a female running the Church, threw it away.
Bobby remains silent, when asked if he knew what happened to the Lutefisk.

Cotton arrives, and makes it very clear that he is unhappy with the new head of the church being a woman. As the Sermon commences, Bobby starts to have terrible stomach cramps, so he heads to the bathroom. As he is getting sick in the stall, Cotton walks in to use the facilities himself, and is disgusted by the stench left in the room. He lights a match, to clear the smell, and throws it into the trash.

Bobby heads back to his seat in the pew, when all of a sudden, there is smoke filling up in the Church. All are evacuated, the fire spread quickly. Everyone thinks that it is a hate crime, and the fingers are pointing at Cotton. Cotton is arrested, and he just keep repeating that they need to find the "stinky man".

As Cotton prepares to face the punishment that goes along with a hate crime, Bobby's guilt overwhelms him, and he confesses to Cotton that he did it. That he ate the Lutefisk, and that he was the stinky man. Cotton decides to remain silent, and take the blame for his grandson. Bobby can't stand the guilt still, and begs to tell the truth. Cotton ends up getting away with being old and senile...and Reverend Stroup leading a Prayer for the elderly, and their "Bathroom problems".