King of the Hill

Season 3 Episode 21

Revenge of the Lutefisk

Aired Sunday 8:30 AM Apr 20, 1999 on FOX

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  • Man With the Terrible Smell!

    A classic Cotton episode, which introduces a new recurring character Rev. Stroup. She is not a great character, but brings some funny moments throughout the series. The whole concept of the man with the terrible smell is really what makes this episode, as we have all walked into a bathroom with someone like that before. There wasn't a ton of laughs, but it's hard to nitpick at a Cotton episode, especially when there are some very good moments, both funny and sweet. Overall a fairly enjoyable episode!
  • Bobby accidentally burned down the chruch.

    When the old minister is retiring there was a new one and she's a female and she brought with her is lutefisk a kind of edible fish that Bobby liked so much he ate it all and got really sick during church and went to the bathroom and then Cotton went to the bathroom and this made me laugh when he said "Mr. what did you eat?!" then he lit a match to get rid of the smell but it didn't work and then Bobby tried to get rid off the stink but then someone interrupted and Bobby accidentally put the lighted match in a trash can and started a fire that burned the church to the ground which it was painful to watch and Bobby felt really upset about it and then the police found a clue that a matchbox came from Houston and then later Cotton tried to run away from Arlen but the police arrested him but Cotton's being framed and later Bobby tolded the truth but Cotton took the blame for Bobby which that was a nice thing for Cotton to do. This is a good episode of KOTH.
  • A Hill, an arsonist? Say it ain't so!

    Every family has it's share of secrets, but I never expected one this dark from the Hills!
    At first it struck me as completely wrong that Hank and Peggy would be involved in a cover-up as unseemly as the burning down of a church.
    But after thinking about it, it is very much in character for them and their misplaced priorities. Hank's first concern is not that the building is burning, but that the fire isn't caused by propane. When Bobby comes out with the truth, Hank's worry is that his son will be known by the nickname "Stinky"! Oh, the horror! Yep, his priorities are all wrong, but they are very Hank.