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  • love this show

    love it
  • Love it.

    Cool show.
  • I love this series and also the simpsons

    can not help but like this series
  • Great show

    This show isn't like anything like Mike Judge's other show Beavis and Butthead, that isn't a bad thing at all.

    This show is a lot more mature. The characters and plot lines here are realistic. The humor is not over the top like South Park but it still does tackle big issues like the show.
  • A true classic

    This show has been one of my favorites for a very long time. I love the down to earth humor and the honesty and simplicity in the characters and plots. You can't get much better than this show.
  • Awesome Show

    As a kid, I hated this show. I saw it as boring and just plain old not funny. But fast forward a decade or so, now that I'm 21, I love this show. It's my favorite cartoon now. It has humor that kids and pre-teens wouldn't understand that's why it was unappealing when I was younger. It's one of the most realistic cartoons ever made, and I think it's really underrated. If you don't like King of the Hill, go watch it on Adult Swim when you get a little older and you will realize that it's a very good and pretty funny show! 10/10 stars
  • Random question

    hi, i would like to find an episode but i don't recall the season or the title. All i recall a little summary:

    Luanne was working very late and brought a fried duck to Bobby, she went in the master bedroom (hank and peggy's room) and she caught them having intimate moments. Does anyone recall that episode? :P
  • The most heart-warming show I've ever seen

    This show is so sweet! Each episode makes me wanna cry, I know King of the Hill is very iconic, but it seems underrated. It isn't as popular as Family Guy, The Simpsons, and South Park. I just love Hank and Bobby's father son dynamics, the way everything is a learning experience for both Hank and Peggy as they are raising their son. Please excuse my rating, I give this show a 10.
  • At least, it's not dirty like "Family Guy".

    A very sweet show
  • One of my all time faves!

    It's so funny because when I first saw King of the Hill, I thought it was one of most boring shows I've ever seen. Of course, I was around 10 at the time so of course I would find it boring since I didn't get the jokes or situations all that much.

    Eventually, i came around to the show after talking to a friend who really loved it. I was about 15 or 16 at the time and so I gave the show another try and low and behold, I really enjoyed it! All the characters make the show and it's so funny watching season 1 and seeing how the show progressed through time. Honestly, I love all the seasons. Like everyone else, I really hate Peggy's arrogance but honestly, the show wouldn't have been the same without her. I'm sure the concept behind the character WAS to be annoying and she fits the role well haha. So as much as I don't like her, she's also very funny as you witness her arrogance and naivety. The episode "Lupe's Revenge" is one of my all time favorites of the series. Hank is kind of boring but at the same time, he's pretty fun to watch at times too.

    I don't know, I wish I could write more but I think this will suffice for now. All in all, this is one of my favorite animated series of all time and I'm so glad it managed to accumulate 13 seasons. I'm kind of pissed that the show got cancelled for Cleveland show but at the same time, maybe it was for the best because I wouldn't want to see King of the hill become like Family Guy (I do like Family guy but I 'm not the biggest fan of the newer episodes, they are becoming a little stale)

    King of the Hill is a very underrated show and it just has a different type of humor that takes awhile to get used to but with that said, the show isn't for everyone. Is it the best show? No, not really but it's a decent show to watch if you want to get some more subtle humor (as opposed to toilet humor).
  • Mid ep it gets interesting. It has slow beginnings

    Various ep (11)
  • Good but not my favorite Mike Judge show

    It's still pretty good and Hank Hill is the best animated TV dad next to Homer Simpson but I'm more into Beavis and Butthead.
  • Bwahhhhh

    The show was kinda boring but hank's bwahh, I'm gonna kick your tell you hwat and yep kept me interested
  • King of the BEST SHOW EVER!

    I watch this on demand when I can!
  • King of the Hill on Top of the World

    This show really rocked! Hank Hill was the man! Such a funny show!
  • One of the best cartoons ever!

    King of the Hill is an amazing show, regardless of what people say. Usually, the people who hate this show are petulant children with the attention span of goldfish who need constant cutaway gags and raunchy humor to keep them interested (cough cough---Family Guy---cough cough). The characters are generally likable (with the exception of Peggy for her holier-than-thou mentality, and maybe Didi because she's so bland) and the show can be hilarious without pushing the limit, swearing excessively or using cutaways. I guess it was better that it was cancelled in favor of "Sit Down, Shut Up" (a terrible TERRIBLE show that doesn't hold a candle to KoTH) because the later seasons were pretty bland.

    Nevertheless, KoTh is an amazing show. Reruns are shown on Adult Swim on a daily basis, but are limited to only one episode a night thanks to "Cleveland Show" (another terrible show, not as bad as "Sit Down, Shut Up", but close).
  • Bob Burgers replaced

    in 2013. Fox Replaced The Cleveland Show with Brickleberry and Bob,s Burgers
  • There Should Be A Simpsons/King of the Hill Crossover Movie!

    To this day, I am teed off that FOX replaced King of the Hill with The Cleveland Show (and now, Bob's Burgers). The writing, animation and characters on King were all first-rate, which explains why the show was the second-longest running series behind The Simpsons. It's time that Hank Hill and company appear in a crossover movie with Homer and the gang--one in which Homer attempts to work as a tank wipe at Strickland Propane, but with obvious disastrous results, just like at the nuclear plant. It will be a great day to hear Hank Hill utter the sweetest words in the English language: "HOMER SIMPSON, I'M GONNA KICK YOUR ASS!"
  • One of the good old animated shows

    This show was one of the best. The animation was superb for its time, the characters are well written and convincing and the plots are almost all good as well. There were a few moments on the show that irked me but I really enjoyed a lot of the episodes. The good news is that you can basiclly buy every season now. Let the memories of this show shine for a long time.
  • Up there with The Simpsons!

    King of the Hill, and The Simpsons, set the standard for adult orientated animation. They are both excellent series in their own right. King of the Hill, is more subtle than The Simpsons and finds humour in everyday life without making any of the charachters out to be fools. I really miss the series and hope one day it will get a welcome revival.
  • Remember when we used to get propane and propane accessories?

    I used to love this show a lot. It got a good run, but it wouldn't hurt to revive it. It along with Family Guy and Futurama are/were the best shows on FOX. All we have now is Family Guy on FOX and Futurama is getting re-canceled on Sept. 4th.
  • What more can I say Best show on Fox.

    I absolutely love this show one of my favorites of all time and my favorite show on fox. The show is real in more ways than one and the problems and characters feel real it's always made me smile at the end when ever the credits came and that little guitar would play. It was a heart warming show and ill treasure it always I hope it returns now that the Cleveland show was canceled chances of that happening though are slim. Overall, I loved this show on of the greatest television shows of all time in my opinion.
  • One of the best shows ever.

    Seriously. This show deals with finding humor in everyday life, and it succeeds at that.
  • This show is KING!

    While it did lose its heat towards the end of the series, even the newer ones managed to make me laugh somewhat, and in its hey day, it was incredible. What I liked most, was unlike Family Guy and Simpsons, its real. Things that happen in this show have potential to happen in real life, for the most part. The humour is great and often pokes fun at ignorant Americans as suppose to being crude and rude towards other groups of people, such as different races and cultures etc. like other adult comedies. There are characters that while eccentric, seem to be based on real personalities that you meet everyday. Overall it was a great show, that I have watched many times over, and will continue to watch over and over again. KOTH forever!
  • Great Show

    King of the Hill is one of the best shows ever made. It's a shame that it was cancelled. I wouldn't hesitate to pay money to watch new episodes. I hope, that one day Mike Judge will resurrect the Hill saga. There is no way you can compare corny "Futurama" or offensive "Family Guy" to KOTH. Another great show cancelled to make room for a mediocre entertainment.

    Omg lol I love this show and hank is so fricken hilarious when he makes a big issue of little things and gets pi**ed at dale "damn it Bahahaha.
  • This Materpiece will live in my Heart forever as the Best Show FOX will ever have!

    This is the Best Show that Fox has ever had, That's right even better than the Old Simpsons! No offense to the Simpsons fans, I love the old Simpsons too, but this Show has everything in a realistic cartoon view! I mean really every Episode makes me laugh my ass off and all the Characters are so awesome! That's right all the Characters are likeable and funny in their own way. From Bill behaving like a Child to Dale being a psychopath. The Plots are very Realistic and some of the episodes can also get very emotional which makes a series very strong if they have that topic unlike The Cleveland Show. Mike Judge is a genius for making up such a brilliant show, I praise him with all my heart. In 2009, King of the Hill got replaced with a Show called "The Cleveland Show" Now I am not to upset about it being replaced though, 13 Seasons is a long way for a show and that is quite successful. but King of the Hill should have been replaced with at least a tolerable show, but no "The Cleveland Show" is not a tolerable show, "IT IS BEYOND HORRIFIC!!!!!!" The Cleveland Show is so Stupid!! Same with the New Episodes of Family Guy, FG was once okay, but now it is so bad. American Dad on the other hand is a good show! Seth Mcfarland should just cancel FG and Cleveland Show and work on American Dad cause that show is actually pretty funny! King of the Hill is so Awesome that it should have its own Movie just like the Simpsons did. maybe in 2014 or so and released into theaters; I would definitely go see it! Well that's my review for King of the Hill, oh and my Favorite King of the Hill Character is Dale Gribble. :)
  • Can't Believe I Didn't Review this Yet

    I'll be completely honest- I love this show, really. But it has problems. Let me explain some before be get into the good stuff:

    -One thing that REALLY bothers me in this show is how the characters look down on some people, like in the episode were Bobby gets into Tarriot cards. They made people who use them look like geeks, but my family uses them [we're a spiritual family] and I kind of found this offensive.

    -I know this show is about a family in Texas, but their SUCH rednecks that it's kind of annoying. Like I said, it's part of the show, but they didn't need to make it THAT bad.

    Good things now! Yay.

    -The plots are all based on real-life problems, which I actually enjoy. After watching things like Family Guy, it's always nice to see a show about things that can actually happen.

    -The characters are also all good, but some are kind of irretating.. but what show doesn't have irretating characters?

    -I love the art in this show. It's all realistic and nice, but the animation is a bit bumpy. Well... this is an older show, after all.
  • For 12 years, King of the Hill brought us excellent humor that we still laugh at to this day, and we will not forget it

    King of the Hill is one of those shows that will always be remembered. Everything in this show was done so well, the humor, the characters, and the stories, and it has always made people laugh. KOTH is about a family in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas where the family, the Hills, have funny adventures and dilemmas in their lives. The episodes are actually parodies of real life events. For example, Hank is trying to get his licensed changed because his gender reads female, but the DMV is slow to react and does not do anything at all. That is the beauty of KOTH, it takes real life drags like the DMV and make it into a funny parody of how people experience it, and it perfectly relates to the audience. All the characters are lovable, funny, and unique. Dale is an anti government person who always says the weirdest, yet funniest things, and Bobby brings in a lot of funny jokes about things and it is very amusing. But why did FOX have to cancel this show? I know you have to bring in new shows, but the show that took its place, The Cleveland Show, tanked and it's really bad (see mine and other people's reviews about that show and you will see why). King of the Hill brought us 12 wonderful years of comedy and is still enjoyed to this day. Everything in this show was done right, the acting, the characters, the parodies of real life situations, and so much more. Mike Judge, please bring this show back with new episodes. Go to another network so they can allow you to continue this awesome show. Check this show out if you already haven't done so.
  • I wish this show were back...

    This show is so excellent. The animation is brilliant, the voice acting is awesome (I don't know how Pamela Adlon did it), the stories are smart, and they all have a moral. This show rocks and should come back!
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