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  • This show is in the same class as Seinfeld because of the way it appraoches comedy. No set-ups, jsut character.

    This show is so funny because mainly, i'm Canadian. And i hate to say it but i can be an american hate-monger. Mainly the south. I fear of have a hick-aphobia. But becuase i see these rednecks in their home enviroment, i can't stop laughing. I may like it for the wrong reasons, but i don't care.
  • A funny show that I can't go a day without watching.

    King of the Hill became one of my favorite shows, becuase it always came on before The Simpsons. It had the same kinda of comedy but was a little more realistic, at least for a animation. After awhile, I was constantly watching it everyday and really couldn't go to sleep without seeing it.

    If u like animations that are more real life but stupid/funny, the King of the Hill is definately for you. It may have lost a little steam in it's latter seasons but it is still as funny, and still worth watching.
  • cool show because of its characters, not really cause of the story

    i like this show alot but not because of the story. the characters are what crack me up; the way they act and talk is hilarious. just watch the show and listen and watch how the characters say and do things.
    i still wish that mike judge would continue beavis and butthead along with this, but whatever.
  • Its no Family Guy, Simpsons, or Futurama...but it will do.

    King of the Hill is about a redneck Texan family. The episodes have decent storylines and the show drops plenty of punchlines. So you think the show would be great?! Right? Wrong, I cannot place my finger on it but I simply do not think that King of the Hill is that great of a show. It has many unique characters but it does not match up to the other adult themed cartoons. (EX: Simpsons, Family Guy, American Dad, South Park) If you are from Texas or know somebody who is you might get a kick out of the show. I cannot say that this is a terrible show by all means but I feel that you should tune in to any of the other adult cartoons before checking out this one.
  • Those who think that King of the Hill has to be in anyway like Beavis and Butthead, because it's created by Mike Judge should think twice and give this show a try. It's a complete different flavor.

    The first thing you'll notice is the unique drawing-style of Mike Judge like in Beavis and Butthead, but it improved a lot.

    It's often been said that almost all characters in this show are annoying.
    That's true, but they're annoying each other and it's fun to watch.
    Imagine how boring it would be without any tension between the characters.

    Hank Hill is the "starring" character. He can easily be shocked by anything that doesn't perfectly fit in his moral standards.

    Peggy Hill, Hank's wife is not good at anything. Except being just a good soul. Everything, really, everything she tries goes horribly wrong. But she ain't stop. never ever.

    Bobby, their son is a little miracle full of surprises. Some of the viewers here say that he's just a boring fat kid, but I think he's just the opposite.

    Luanne, well, she is Bobby's "cousin", or something like that. I don't know where she originally came from, but I know that her mother who's criminal and addicted to alcohol couldn't provide her a nice childhood. After all, she tries to make the best out of it.

    Hank's friends:
    Boomhauer - he's just there. Speaks funny. Period.

    Billy - A very shy, lonely, sometimes depressed and by all means suppressed man. I always feel so sorry for him...

    Dale - Shika-sha! He knows what's going on in the government or like he says "what THEY are up to"
    He does NOT know that his wife is cheating on him.

    I call this show "gemuetlich". It's a German word without a good translation. You just feel good, everything is right the way it is, maybe you have a cup of tea and a comfy chair or sofa and enjoy watching the show. That would describe just a part of it.
  • Genius!

    This show is absolute Genius! The humour is so subtle that I become engrossed in it, fascinated by the fine detail of the jokes. The best thing about this show is its so feasible - people with simple ideologies, that everyone has, follow the most logical thought patterns into the most obsurd situations.

    I really dont understand why someone would go out of their way to bash this show on a web site, if youre not prepared to get it, then jus dont watch it.
  • this shiw is about a 40 year old man, his family, in arlen texas

    no one should miss any episode of this show. its a great show for the whole family with a few twists that the older folks will get. Hank is the Father of the hills. he is 40 and is a proud texan and family man with a few past issues with his dad.
  • Good very good

    King of the hill still the best show on tv. If you dont watch i feel sorry for you, because you dont know what you are missin. I got all of the DVD's so far and am planning to collect the rest in the near future. Watch everyone you will not be dissipointed.
  • Yes, sometimes it is boring, but it's quite funny when you catch the intentional satire underneath.

    I know many people must have been pretty angry when Mike Judge took on this after Beavis and Butthead. Although it's not as "in your face" like Beavis and Butthead was, it gets its humor from the genuine characters they portrayed in the show. It's one huge satire of Texas and that may bore some of the impatient.

    The show is about Hank Hill, a man who sells propane and propane accessories, loves football and lawnmowers and has a narrow urethra, plus his family and friends. Family being Peggy, the ego-tistical wife who is a substitute teacher, Bobby, the oddball son who is a little chubby and nothing like Hank had planned for him to be, and Luanne, the less-than-intelligent niece. Friends including Bill, the lonely middle aged (and totally gross) man, Dale, the paranoid man of the show and Boomhauer, the mumbling guy who gets all the action. There are a ton of quirky characters included in the show too.

    Overall, it's quite funny when it sets out to be, but a lot of time it IS boring. It's worth a watch though. Its writing is rock solid.
  • A pretty good show with mild comedy.

    King of the Hill is a pretty funny show about a man named Hank Hill from Texas and his family. It is a pretty funny show and I would recomend that people at least check it out. Hank Hill originated from Bevis and Butthead, but the comedy is much cleaner, and drier than Bevis and Butthead. Hank is clean and prudent and the way he deals with his problems and his families problems is very funny. He also has a love for propane, and he sales it for a living at propane gas suppliers company.
  • When King of the Hill first came out, I dismissed it as another raunchy FOX show. Later when I actually gave it a chance, I really began to appreciate for the hilarious take on Southern life that it is.

    When King of the Hill first came out, I dismissed it as another raunchy FOX show. Later when I actually gave it a chance, I really began to appreciate for the hilarious take on Southern life that it is. One of the reasons I love this show is that it isn't afraid to offend people. These people are ethnic and are proud of it. Yes, there are stereotypes, but let us not forget that stereotypes are based on people who are actually like that. This show teaches us to not take life so seriously, but to be thankful for what we do have. It also says to me to not be ashamed of who you are and let others do the same. I encourage everyone who has dismissed this show to give it another chance. It is definatly worth it.
  • More creative and smart then any before or since.

    King of the Hill is one of those shows that you watch, and the first time your just kinda takin aback. Heres this animated show, what you expect to be a kids show. But ohh no, your in for Bill, Dale, Boomhower, Bobby, Peggy, Hank, and of course everyones favorite pimp daddy native american John Redcorn. This is definatly not a show for children.
    The jokes can be so suddle and smart even I tend to miss them now and again.
    But the thing that really makes King Of The Hill stand out is its characters. Everyone knows someone with the over self confidence of Peggy Hill, or the utter stupidity of paranoia of Dale Gribble. The whole cast could be your neihbors, your friends, or god forbid your realatives.
    Watch King of the Hill and if u don't like it, blame me what do i care.
  • Ayep, Ayep, Ayep. I enjoy this show.

    I have never been a Simpson's fan, and try as I might, I don't find Family Guy funny either. But this show just cracks me up. The characters are so well rounded, you really pull for them, even with their crazy quirks.

    I set the Tivo to tape this after watching part of an episode. I didn't know it was going to become our nightly dinner companion. My husband keeps saying he isn't going to watch, then hears the Ayups from the alley and comes to sit down.

    The best characters are the kids, their characterizations are much more realistic and less one note than most of the adults. Bobby with his prop-comedy, being cool and suave, all the while looking like a boiled potato. Connie, so smart, yet rebelious. Luanne, smarter than she thinks she is. Joseph, best puberty ever!

    The adults are becoming more and more one note as the series progresses, but they are still funny. Peggy, the know-it-all who doesn't know much. Hank, so square, but he does love his country and his dog and his family and his truck. The Gribbles, insane and parnoid Dale, who trusts more than he should. His blond bombshell weathergirl of a wife. Bill- lovable, loser. And our favorite Boomhauer- the mumbling, oh the mumbling. The funniest when you make sure you know what he said.

    We can't wait for some new episodes.

  • The most charachter driven animated show on television.

    I grew up and currently live in the South, and although it's not Texas, Georgia is full of people like the characters on "King of the Hill."

    The show follows Hank Hill, his wife Peggy, his son Bobby, his niece Luanne, along with his friends Dale, Bill, and Boomhauer. It takes place in the fictional town of Arlen, Texas, and was created (and is voiced by) the creator of "Beavis and Buthead", Mike Judge. Although the look is similar, "King of the Hill" is a far more family oriented, emotional show than "Beavis."

    Hank Hill, like many men in the South, is patriotic beyond belief, almost physically incapable of buying a non-American car. He has to deal with a son, Bobby, who would rather be watching MTV than ESPN, and a wife who's always trying to do something bigger than herself, like entering a beauty pagent, starting a roller derby team, or joining a pyramid scheme.

    His friend, Bill, lives alone after having a bitter, soul-crushing divorce. Bill eager to join any group that will accept him, including hippies, a choir, and a mental institution.

    Dale is a conspiracy theorist, suspicious of everyone except his wife, who is having an affair right under his nose.

    Boomhauer is a difficult to understand bachelor, who sometimes brings common sense to the group when things get too wacky.

    Hank's next door neighbors are Kahn, Minh, and Connie Souphanousinphone. Kahn and Minh are self-obsessed, materialistic, Laotian, and always making their daughter angry. Connie is Bobby's friend, and at one time, girlfriend.

    Sometimes deep and always wacky, "King of the Hill" is a good watch, and should be in everyone's DVD collections.
  • Another animation classic - oustanding series

    King Of The Hill is undoubtedly one of the greatest shows of all-time. Yet it's rarely credited so. There are several reasons as to why this may be; it's overshadowed by big brother The Simpsons; a conservative Texan family doesn't appeal to the liberal viewers of the country; or perhaps the fact that it seems to realistic and accurate to be a cartoon - sure we can all relate to The Simpsons, but this is frequently scary in the fact that it's more realistic than most live-action sitcoms.

    The premise, following the Hill family through the ins and outs of daily life, is simple enough, but the show is far from boring. Each episode features a unique plot and some of the sharpest scriptwriting on TV - the humour may frequently be subtle, but it's still there. The dialogues between the well-fleshed out and entertaining characters is consistently engaging and all of the main characters from overconfident Peggy to republican Hank to conspiracy freak Dale to forever-babbling Boomhauer have unique hooks that make them likeable and entertaining.

    There are very few bad episodes of this show: King Of The Hill is very consistent, and whilst it's arguably past its' best it's still one of the greatest, most entertaining, and cleverest shows on TV.
  • Hoo wee! Dang ol' awesome, man! Yup!

    I can't help but bust a gut every time I hear Boomhauer talk! This show is unbelivably funny! I have purchased some seasons on DVD, and I intend to complete my collection soon. This is the guilty pleasure I can't live without, because you can't help but laugh every time you watch the exploits of Hank, Peggy, Bobby and the rest of the gang.

    I wish they would develop Cotton Hill, because he brings another dimension to the show as Hank's father, and his role as a war veteran and now the father of a new baby is something that you just don't see every day. How does an 80-something man have a baby? Incredible! I just love watching him walk.
  • Beavis and Butthead was better but this isn't far behind.

    King of the Hill is one of the most underrated shows on TV. Rather than going for the slapstick comedy that shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy feature it goes with showing the mishaps of real life with some comic relief (Dale) thrown in. Some don't like the idea but I for one do. It's different than Beavis and Butthead but still follows the same humour. Beavis and Butthead dealed with mishaps of real life only in a clueless way.

    King of the Hill is definatly worth watching but if it isn't your cup of tea than go back to Beavis and Butthead because it's not going to change anytime soon.
  • There are the 3 men who do things toghether

    They are always up to some thing. From drinking beer to renting something that wont do any good to any of them. One time they rented a thing to dig a hole and all they did was make a giant hole in the back yard and then got it stuck in it.
  • Nothing but rednecks

    King of the Hill is a complete and utter waste of time. It is not funny in any possible way.Hank Hill and his idiotic friends are not funny, Peggy isn't funny, bobby and his stupid friends are nowhere near funny. I almost completely lost it when they cancelled Family Guy
    instead of this show, but Family GUy is back and hopefully this show is going to end SOON!
  • this is a show about a family who live in the Arlen, Texas. King of the Hill is an animated comedy. It has a more subtle humor then say The Simpsons or Family Guy. It is still one of the greats.

    King of the Hill is a very good show. It is different then other animated comedies though. The humor is more subtle and ti does't get thrown in your face. This show also has a wide range of rich characters thta have stayed true to themselves over the years. Each and every character adds something to the show even if they only appear once in the entire series. The stories are written brillently. The stories usually deal with real life events such as the death of a person. This show is definately a classic and will be remembered with all of the greats.
  • This is an animated comedy about a family who live in Arlen, Texas. They face problems and usually solve them at the end with a heart warming lesson. Though this show is not has humorous as other animated comedies it still is a great show.

    King of the Hill is a very good show. It is different then other animated comedies though. The humor is more subtle and ti does't get thrown in your face. This show also has a wide range of rich characters thta have stayed true to themselves over the years. Each and every character adds something to the show even if they only appear once in the entire series. The stories are written brillently. The stories usually deal with real life events such as the death of a person. This show is definately a classic and will be remembered with all of the greats.
  • It sucks. (period)

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  • I love this show.

    This show is Great I love the Texas family.I think this is kind of a soap opera type comedy it is created by Mike Judge and he was the creator for Beavis and Butt Head.My favorite character would have to be Dale Gribble he always makes me laugh,he is paranoid of the CIA,robots form the future and to top it off he is an exterminator around a little to many chemicals and so he is a little loopy and that makes him a comedian.

    Bobby Hill,that boy aint right,he is always exploring new things I remember when he started practicing magic with some hippy that Hank wasn't too fond of.Peggy is a little self centered and is an athletic substitute teacher. I remember when she fell out of an airplane and broke every bone in her body,that kind of made me laugh.

    Hank Hill is obsessed with propane and he is unintentionally funny and he is always loyal to his friends.This show should defenitely be watched and not ignored.It will defenitely be a show that will make you laugh and if you watch the show on your on get your parents to watch its not your average science fiction cartoon.I kjnow this show will make you laugh and you will not want to take your eyes away.when i watched this show i kind of thought about my life and hoow it was like this show I am exploring new things like Bobby and now this is ironic my dad is a propane salesman I look up to this show and I hope and Pray it doesnt get cancelled.
  • A fine example of telling the real American story, in a medium more often reserved for telling the silly American story.

    King of the Hill is a stand-out amongst animated family sit-coms like the Simpsons, Family Guy, or dare I say, South Park; instead of using the animated medium to create some wild and out of control senselessness, King keeps everything as real as possible, using animation to do things that simply can't be done in real life show.

    The show has an eccentric and dysfunctional mix of characters, but each one is developed beyond being a one trick pony; many of these characters seem so life-like, that almost anyone would identify at least one person they know as being in the show. I have little doubt there are people out there saying they know at least a couple of Bill Dauterives.

    The story lines are equally realistic, even though to have all the things happen to the same group of people is a bit odd, none of the stories are out of the realm of possibility; unlike some of what happens on the Simpsons or Family Guy. This gives fans a better connection with King; and it even makes for a more realistic show than many "real-life" sit-coms.
  • best show

    Barely 15 years ago, animated TV series were conceived for and mostly watched by young viewers. (At least, this was the theory -- clearly, Looney Tunes appealed to all ages.) Then came The Simpsons.

    Numerous series since The Simpson (which remains popular to this day), follow its model, inviting kids to watch along with their parents, as is the case with Fox's Futurama. Other shows, like Comedy Central's South Park or Fox's King of the Hill, overtly target adult viewers, using combinations of broad gags and subtle humor to make political points or social observations.

    While King of the Hill, in particular, does not include especially "adult" references to language or violence, it does feature more mature storylines and complex character arcs, including father-son conflicts (handled in less broadly than Homer and Bart's), marital problems and assorted dilemmas facing today's U.S. working class.

    The show revolves around Hank Hill (voiced by co-creator Mike Judge, of Beavis and Butthead fame), a premier propane salesman living and working in Arlen, Texas. He lives in a cookie cutter suburban house with his wife Peggy (Kathy Najimy), their son Bobby (Pamela Segall), and niece Luanne (Brittany Murphy). During his off-hours, Hank hangs out with his neighbors: divorced military barber Bill (Stephen Root), conspiracy enthusiast Dale Gribble (Johnny Hardwick), and the unintelligible Boomhauer (Mike Judge). A proud Texan, Hank works hard and enjoys beer, carpentry, and football (Tom Landry is something of a god to the citizens of Arlen). He is also a faithful husband, concerned father, and reliable friend. this is why I like king of the hill.
  • Basically this is the most boring Show that I have ever seen on television!!!!

    This show is so bad. The jokes are just so plain and stupid, the voices of each and every character is just anoying especially the four guys that stand out side the house, drink beer and talk about the dombest things know to man!!!
    Plus the episodeds are so dumb and make no sence once so ever. This should not even be considered a good show. If anyone wants to see a real show they should check out Family Guy or The Simpsons. Those shows are that are acually worth watching.

    Some words of advice: Do Not Watch This Show!!!


  • king of the hill or king of Texas

    Very excellent prime-time animated series from the highly creative and brilliant mind of Mike Judge ("Beavis and Butt-Head" fame). "King of the Hill" deals with a small town Texas family and their wild misadventures. Shades of "The Flintstones" and "The Simpsons" here as the show has vivid characters galore. Propane salesman Hank Hill and substitute Spanish teacher wife Peggy rear awkward adolescent son Bobby in the fictional town of Arlen. Hank has a wild World War II hero for a dad (Cotton), a niece who lives with him and his family (Luanne), a far from perfect boss (Buck Strickland), a slew of childhood friends (conspiracy theorist/bug exterminator Dale, lonely divorcée/Army barber Bill and often verbally incoherent swinging bachelor Boomhauer) and even Laotian neighbors. These vivid characters create a wholesome landscape of small-town Texas community life that accurately shows how lives intertwine and interweave. The situations in the series are hilarious and yet many times life-affirming as the show's brain trust do their best to have messages that center around family, friends and personal sacrifice. The running gags (Dale's wife having a torrid affair with a Native American new age healer who actually conceived her only son while her husband has no earthly clue) and the constant humanity and vulnerability of the featured characters make "King of the Hill" a real sight to behold. The art and science of television production combine to make a truly outstanding and intelligent sitcom for most all age groups.
  • Is this comedy or just crap?

    I was watching this show for a long time because there's nothing good on TV.It does have some funny jokes but still boring.Dale is the only funniest character in the show.Bobby suck so much!!!,He thinks his so funny but really he's a fat,loser,gay,fatty.Bobby is going to be a lazy fat hobbo when he grow up.He should work at a Fitness place.I would have give 6 points if they toke away Bobby from the show.There was one episode that was really funny, is when Bobby learned how to fight like a girl so Hank tryed to teach him boxing then he got Bobby mad so Bobby kicked Hank below the waste,That was the best episode.Ok I hope you enjoy my review about this show.
  • eh....

    I'm suprised this show is still on the air. I expected it would be gone by now, but looks like its still here. The story is still about the boring old Texas family and their beer drinking neighbors getting in some sort of situation that later ends up being fixed. It's just like that for every single episode. Its time for this show to end.
  • Hank is the leader of the family. Bobby is the kid that every one likes. Luanne is what some people say is "not the sharpest crayon in the tool shed"... and Peggy is the 3-time sub of the year teacher.

    This is a great show that needs new characters! This is more real life humor unlike family guy which always cuts to something random. I have been watching this show from 6pm till 8pm every night for the last 10 years. Thank god for TiVo. I wished i was Hank Hill when i grew up. People say i look like Bobby Hill. NOT!!!
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